Pause / resume with the space bar

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It would be wonderful if you could set the game in pause and resume with the space bar key. It’s a reflex I adopted since every videoplayer that I know pause and resume on space bar key pressed.

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This would be a great improvement, indeed :+1:

well the 0 on numpad those this, but i agree we should have an option to change our controls. I guess this will be awhile before we get this.

Yepp! One of these ‘nice to have’ features, which could get added in the finalization of the game.

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the normal number 1 does pause the game too, which is helpful since your hand is usually on [wasd] right under the normal number keys

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But your thumb is always instinctively on space, and mashing spacebar is just universal at this point for games.
FTL, Rimworld, Cities Skylines, etc. It’s just instinctual at this point.

Yay thanks for the tip !

Ooh, mentioning games with space to pause? Uh, uh… Crusader Kings 2? And, I believe, most of the Paradox grand strategy games.

@Hyrule_Symbol I play another game where 1 is 1x speed, 2 is 2x speed, and so on. Then Stonehearth is 1 to pause, 2 for 1x, 3 for 2x, and so on. So I always have to think a bit when switching between them. I really hope Stonehearth lets us change key-bindings someday.


Yeah, letting us change key-bindings is a much better solution for these kind of problems, because everyone has different tastes when it comes to controls. :slight_smile: