Should the Pause button also unpause?

There’s been many times I’ve wanted to quickly pause and then unpause. It’s not too much trouble to hit another key, but another game I play (Parkitect) goes back to the last speed if you press the Pause button when it’s already paused. And Crusader Kings 2 practically had a culture of tapping space to pause when things happened and unpause after you made a decision. Would anybody else want this, if it’s not too much trouble to add? (Maybe it could just be another button, mapped to no key by default but able to be mapped to the same key if you want.)

  • Yes, this would be useful
  • No, it’s unnecessary/not worth it

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A22.5 added a Toggle Pause hotkey that is by default unbound. You can bind it in the controls menu.


Okay, sorry. Glad you’ve already added it! (I’m sure it was mentioned in a changelog somewhere, but somehow I didn’t know about this. I wonder what other controls I’ve missed?)


I figured they were thinking of adding this because this is exactly what already happens when the game pauses to autosave and then plays again, glad its now confirmed tho :slight_smile: I never did check the controls lol

Yeah, I replaced my space with the new Toggle Pause - so nice : ).