Sweeper class 🧹


So, you really wanted a cool new combat class? Or someone with magic abilities? Maybe an awesome crafter to make cool items? Working boats? Too bad.
You will get dust. Literally. (litter-alley?)

Presenting to you, a brand new class: Sweeper

Why you will need it? Because it is awesome! Cause everyone is dirty now. And they will get even more dirty after doing some activities. All your streets and floors will get dust from the hearthlings that will spread it around. Pets too, of course.

It makes the path slower. And it is ugly. More dust, less appealing.

The sweeper will clean all the dust he finds.
And who knew there was anything magical about it? As the class progress at the fine art of dust cleaning, it will start to enlightening itself into the ancient magic secrets of dustomancy. Absorbing the dust out of other hearthlings and using it as its own fuel to summon helping magic brooms? Of course!


sweeper.smod (183.6 KB)
:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.


Seems like a good addition for a challenge pack with a ton of extra things to keep track of. Hmm… :thinking:


This so cool! :rofl: Who knows what a system like this will spawn of ideas in the future?..

Thanks for making this Bruno.

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you might want to rephrase a little… :rofl:

Nice mod btw, additional challenge and aesthetic.
What happens if no one cleans the town? What does it look like? Does the mess fade over time or stays forever?

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The town will have trouble with ugly dirt and messy everywhere!!


New branch of classes - servants, great! I still not play with mod, but want to ask about dust mechanic. If it is, it’s bad, but if it’s not there, it should be a plus. Is it so?

Do buildings also need cleaning of all the construction dust?

Now this is one thing that would add some great “flavor” to the main game! But instead of a specific class doing the sweeps, it would be more fitting if any of the hearthlings could grab one of those universal cleaning tools humans like to call broom, and could tidy the place in which they live.


I’m not sure if this really must be a new class, but adding dirt and let the worker-class do the cleaning would be great.

Looks cool but i already feel we have too few hearthlings to even loot stuff on the ground atm when game cant handle many hearthlings :confused:

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This was made just for the fun of making it, it is not a serious or balanced mod. :wink:
As in, there is no benefit to using it, you are just making your town ugly and losing one hearthling to it.
If you love your little town, do not use this :smile:

So, here is a few commented points.

Yes, it is. You are sinking your town in dust and ugliness without any returned benefit.
I can’t remember what was the initial idea. All I know it ended deviating to this wizard sweeper class lol

It will just keep accumulating and spreading. It fades over time, so in areas that they do not use it will disappear on its own, but the busy areas will just keep adding more dust faster than it fades.

Just down sides, no good side. Not recommended for a town you care enough.

Yes, buildings in progress are usually the most dirty places.

Workers doing it would not be enough, and it would make everyone busy cleaning. You need his magic powers to be able to keep up with all the dust.

For how it works in the background, it is kinda simple.

There is a list of activities that adds dust to the hearthlings, like mining a block, building, placing item, fighting, crafting, etc. Each time they do one of these tasks they get “10” dirty points.
When they walk over a tile, they will drop 25% of what they have, creating a dust with that dropped value.
When a new dust is created in a tile, the appearance and ugliness is based on its current value, 1~25 value is the lower level dust, then it has another level for 26~50, then 51~75, and finally the worst and ugliest dirty patch that has values of 76 and above.
They can also walk in a tile already full of dust and ‘drag’ it while going over it, so a tile with 100 dust can end up as two tiles with 50 dust, for example.
Dust decay 1 point every hour on its own.
When the sweeper or magic brooms go sweep it, every ‘sweep’ removes 25 points of the dust, so a level 1 dust can be removed with a single movement, while higher levels requires more sweeping to disappear.

It is worth mentioning that once you get tired of the mod and wants you hearthling back into a useful class, you can simple demote him and remove the mod. You will get errors from the dust that were in the old save. Just save again after closing the errors and reload it and it should be fine.


I can imagine the OCD meters going off the chart with this mod.

I got a bit worried at first that this was a belated April Fools Day joke that I had missed. So far so good though. My little sweeper is going to clean up this here town.

This oddly reminds me of rollercoaster tycoon… :joy::joy::joy:


[Sorcerer’s Apprentice intensifies]


@BrunoSupremo you are so amazing.


I don’t know if it’s just because my Sweeper has a low Spirit(2), but at level 6 she seems to have lost her broom companion which she’s had all along. Plenty of dust about too.

Here’s the save. 1522860134348.zip (5.7 MB)

For now, you can demote and repromote. For some reason it stopped charging. I also found another small bug, so I will upload an update later.

Thanks! It’s a very silly but fun challenge mod!

@BrunoSupremo when are you going to make the meteorologist class? Due to the upcoming weather. They could craft weather vains, lighting rods and balloons :grinning:

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