I made a new random mod, I doubt you can guess what it is

Sometime ago I had made a new class, but I finally finished one last animation that was missing. It is something very random, not that interesting actually. So don’t get hyped, it is silly.

So, here is a silly april fools challenge. Which class is it? :stuck_out_tongue:
I doubt anyone here can guess what class it is.

It is not a combat class.
It does not craft items.
Not a harvester.
It is a new class, never released before.
April fools date was chosen just for this guess game, the class is not related to it.

I will reveal and release it after april fools.


Here it is:


hahaha, great challenge, @BrunoSupremo. Is the new class a Bard?


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Jester! :spades::hearts::clubs::diamonds:

Not a bard, not a jester. Not related to those either.

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DOH! I missed the “sometime ago” bit. Was it Royal (king / queen) mod ?

No, it is a new class, never released.


Okay I give, but if ya need further inspiration a goblin clown could possibly be the cutest thing ever…just sayin’.

must be
.beast trainer

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Shoe Polisher.


Rabbit? What? :smile:
Miner, no. Worker do that already.
Beast trainer is in the main game, planned for later.
Mage, no.

Shoe Polisher, crazy. That is the spirit, but not yet.


it is a pixie, made of a single pixel light source, and you added the fairy dust animation.

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It is a non combat, crafted-item consumer, poyo-mounted, berry bush harvester of magic!!!
Yep all that coffee got to me… *hick

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hmmm… cant wait to see what you have created :smiley:

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it wasn’t the architect was it, my argument was that was the role of the player, but I remember there was an outcry for one.

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April fools
It should not be
Or may be…

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Not a pixie, it is a hearthling job

Not a berry bush harvester. Not a harvester, I should add that to the tips too.

Rabbitchaser, no.
Archeologist, no.
Chimneysweeper, that is random enough. But no.

Not an architect. That is also a possible vanilla class.

Fools, no.
Oh, the date is not relevant to the class. I’m just using it for this small game. I will add this to the tips too.



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a sewer-cleaners’ assistant apprentice (in teaching, of course)

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A hobo :stuck_out_tongue:

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A butterfly enthusiast?

A line dancer?

A cleptomaniac?