Classes and Hobbies


This is my first post, so be gentle.

I like the Classes idea but I would like to expand on it. It’s great that your little minions can have a class, Beastmaster, sausagesniffer, whatever…but I was thinking, you know when people are just kind of sitting around they could be doing things that also benefit the community but in a less construction/combat kind of way. Hobbies!

Like after a long day of killing goblins, maybe your Beastmaster likes to write, or think, or do math problems or write songs. While I don’t think these should be overpowered abilities, wouldn’t it make people happy if there was a little band playing at the tavern? Or an art showing? With that in mind here are some possible hobby trees…

counter->problem solver->mathematician->statistician

So what do you guys think? Good/bad idea?

I’m going to start playing with Qubicle tonight because I want a philosopher model regardless but I’d be interested in hashing out this idea a little more if someone is into it…

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welcome aboard @eatpoliticians! :smile:

well, we know that our units will go through any number of idle animations, which can range all over the place in terms of actions they take… so, your idea certainly has merit! :+1:

i would be curious to see one of these progressions fleshed out, and see what actions a unit might be involved in at each stage…

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So for an example I’m going to lay out some possibilities for one hobby.


Astrologer: With an Astrologer hobby, our minion, while idle from main tasks, would be in town. Anyone whom doesn’t have an assign job that comes within proximity of this minion will have their chart read. This could pop out a message which would analyze the minions stats and determine which class that minion should be. “In your future I see lot’s of chair crafting…” or some such thing. It could also maybe have other random messages based on their stats. I imagine the animation for this could be fairly simple, maybe they read the minions palm or puts their hand on the other minions forehead or something simple.

Thinker: The thinker goes beyond the astrologer, maybe when he talks to the other minions at base he gives them a small experience point increase for a short duration or has a small chance to increase their level. I’ll have to think on that one…The animation for this one should be obvious, the closed fist on the chin.

Philosopher: The philosopher is all about critical thinking. He helps the minions to understand vital ideas like the needs of the many versus the needs of the few. Aristotle famously tutored Alexander the great so he should be connected to the “Leader” Class as well (this is a mod someone mentioned that I liked, basically a combat general). The philosopher should either have a beard (male) or a ornate bun (female). It’s all about the hair. An animation of the minion pontificating should do the trick.

Existentialist: The existentialist is a motivator in the face of absurdity or bad odds. The village is being over run by goblins and and everyone wants to run away? Not so, if they have talked to the existentialist. You must create your own meaning in life and strive to be the ubermensch! Morale bonuses all around! I need a Sartre and a Beauvoir voxel model that smokes cigarettes and drinks coffee…

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Also I should mention I have coding experience, and a CS degree (Associates, but still). Mostly C# and C++, but I pick up things quick. So i’ll be playing with some of voxel pirates examples but so far, at a cursory glance, it looks pretty straight forward. I might need help with some of the animation stuff, but I’m somewhat artistic and Qubicle looks user friendly. Well I guess we’ll see, but I have 2 months off during the summer and have been looking for a project to keep me busy so I’m thinking this might be the thing…

well, i like where this is headed… and in addition to simple animations/behaviors, it looks like you intend for these hobbies to (at least in some small way) have an impact on other units performance…

Ok I love the idea and welcome @eatpoliticians but I’m gonna be critical but i don’t mean it ok first of all didn’t socrates(father of philosophy) say that everyman has one professional meaning maybe to do pottery but then he doesn’t do anything else so he becomes a professional potter etc.) (Republic Plato) and why Aristotle not socrates or Plato , aristotle come on guy aristotle really. I know it was just a personal opinion but in reality its a really good idea

Lolz…don’t worry it’s all good. I became a philosophy major after burning out on CS, I wasn’t really going for authenticity of thought associated with specific philosophers, just game mechanics…although I guess I kind of did that with the existentialists…But Socrates was kind of a sarcastic burn out misanthrope and ultimately the republic is a blueprint for fascism, in fact Nazism took the idea of the philosopher king and ran about as far with that ball as you can go…Aristotle, as flawed as some of his arguments ultimately were (in hindsight, of course) was a tutor of a famous general which would apply in this context…And Plato, mainly, was just a scribe who gave us the oral history of Socrates…but point taken.

But speaking of which, I like the idea of the politician/pirate/spy/traitor especially for PvP, where they mix in with an enemy opponent and cause havoc of some sort.

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And yes, I was wanting them to have an impact, although I want it to be balanced and subtle. Not anything too overpowered, which I’m sure will require some playtesting and such.

I still have to dig into the “character sheet” and figure out some things about stats that I’m still uncertain about. Are stats randomly generated or point based? What is the min/max? Do they increase over time or are they static. I’ll need to do some homework of course but after one day with the game that is to be expected. I will say I definitely like what I saw in the alpha. I see a lot of potential with this game!

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I don’t think it would be a good idea to make them have a specific appearance if it is supposed to be their hobbies. But i get this funny picture in my head of a worker coming home from a hard day of work, taking his beard out of the closet putting it on then walking out on the street and doing whatever philosophers do. :smiley:

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