Sweeper class 🧹


“Sweep sweep sweep”


patch_notes_button Small Update

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Bugs fixed

  • On reload, previously summoned brooms would never despawn. It should despawn correctly now, but old brooms may be stuck alive forever.
  • Under unknown circumstances, the sweeper would lose its summon ability. The class should detect this now and reactivate it again.
  • The sweeper should now keep focus on the same big dust instead of changing targets and never finishing a tile.
  • Unit frame and citizen menu now recognizes and displays “sweeping” when the class is sweeping, instead of “idle”


Still needs an upload to the workshop :wink:


I hadnt even seen this mod till now. damn.


Oh wow late to the party but this seems like a nice addition!


@BrunoSupremo you know what the footstep stuff could be used for? Snowy tracks in winter :stuck_out_tongue: - has no clue how you even made this work and thus does no assumptions on the easy of converting to winter only snowsteps-


@Wouter_Sikkema you gonna hate me again but …



You and I understand this concept of hate very differently, also yaay!


wow lol I guess i’ll be looking forward to this


The way I did was to simple spawn the dust item in the ground, that was because I needed an actual item there to have negative appeal, bad path rating and do some other calculations on it.
If only the visual is desired, than it is way easier. Just make a cubemitter effect.


That’s… So stupidly simple even I could do it. Why the flip did I not think thst up :’)

Edit: item based would be better so footprints dont spawn while sleeping, then again a check for inside or not could be done?


I still love the mechanic behind this mod and look forward to seeing what else can be done with the concept. :merry:


Could always do something similar with the Royal mod :crown: so that wherever the ruler goes they leave sparkles. Their mere presence raises the appeal of their surroundings. They’d contribute to your towns overall happiness in their own fashion. I realize they’d always be quite pleased with themselves due to raising their own surroundings appeal…but it seems kinda fitting for a noble.