Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer 🐾


This would cause problems because the only way to remove a plant from its spot would be to completely destroy it, what means gradually running out of plants while building houses etc.


that would be called gameplay i think? different biome, different strategies and adaptation to the enviroment :slight_smile:
May even answer the question on why the goblins have a different mindset than the hearthlings? But we are on it and will find a solution for the future.


I don’t think the disable a feature to force people to do something else approach is a good practice in game design (unless you replace a feature with something at least tempting instead of disabling it). It means that something else is such a disadvantage compared to the disabled feature that no one would use it if they had a choice. In other words: it is a masqueraded attempt to make the player a slave of the game designer.


I agree and the solution will deliver another way to achive the goal. We already have some ideas floating in the “behind the scenes” thread.


I have a farmer, which I usually rush for! Usually, this is because you can’t always find the harvestable resources you need, lol, If you want to discourage farmers, maybe you could make the terrain mostly unfarmable (say, “it’s too wet to grow normal crops on this terrain”) except for noticable patches that are ‘dry’ enough to farm on!

Another cool idea I had when I made Bastioneers race was: the herbalist can ‘propagate’ (craft) more mushrooms, allowing you to get more harvestables, but only as that race and in a thematically cool way. Then, you could also get better forms of mushrooms that are more nutritious/useful.

Btw, I’d love to help program the Firefly race, since they are so similar to my old 'Neers; the only reason I had to shelf them was because of the models and animations part. :frowning:


Hmmm I could see thematic and functional value for not having a goblin farmer and requiring the collection of harvestables.
There are two important points: One, it changes the way you think about laying out your settlement, and two, it allows any worker to harvest the plants so you don’t lose another builder/mining when by promoting a worker to farmer.


Send me a PM about this Wharp and we can have a chat about it tommorow (i am heading to bed now) any help will be apreciated :slight_smile: Thank you.


Will do!


Not really. human kingdoms should work as usual. The less farming is related to the goblins. We will probably not have the usual farmer class.


Cool, so I think the much/griple propagation idea would work


Just replace the farmer with a gatherer job?
Perhaps find a way to give the job a buff to carrying capacity in addition to the farmer’s usual speed buff, to reflect a focus on it; use the worker’s base abilities, but drop mining and construction?
Maybe change the panic threshold, too. Goblin gatherers don’t strike me as someone who should be the bravest lot. Swamp is a scary place to live; there’s bears!


Mod Updated

For Alpha 22.5!
Fog, improvements and changes.

:up: At the first post. :up:


  • Cypress trees added
  • Fog effect in the map
  • Cattail now spawns only in the water
  • Cattail is now only fiber, not food.
  • Fern is now raw food, not fiber
  • Fallen logs in the water
  • New colors for wood, stone, clay brick, fiber(new) and bone(new) added to the build editor based on the biome and kingdom.
  • A few items added for the goblins, like doors, windows, lights and other decorations, but they are not playable yet. Worth mentioning though as it can appear in traders for other kingdoms.

Current Bug:

  • Loading an old map of the biome with this new version will erase all its old fireflies and will throw an error. This will happen only at the first load and it will not show again at the next loads. This means no fireflies in the old map.

I hope you all like it and have fun!

As usual, most of the work here was done by the team, like ideas, models and color palettes. I mainly coded and put it all together,


I know goblin furniture and doors are impractical for other races to try to use (except maybe as decorations?), but are the rest (lights, decorations, windows) usable by the other kingdoms?


Yes, they all work, mostly missing their texts only.


this biome is so cool and well-detailed but too bad my pc can’t handle these much particles and entities at the same time. :glum:


Wow. Whenever I return here after some StoneHearth pause I discover a new biome from BrunoSupremo. And this time it’s a nice and gloomy swampland full of misty bogs and cute bears :merry:. Cant wait to check it out.


What a great little mod, just like your other one :smiley:



i have new problem when i try load save swamp biome map on new version.
How i can fix this? :((.

This is my mods:


Sorry, the mod is not working in a23.
I will update it soon, there is a lot to be fixed in this one.


Thank you for reply me :3.

I like this mod, it is awesome!