Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer 🐾


One of my Hearthlings tried to pick up a cattail and is now bugging out. It says he’s getting food. Is he trying to use it as food but can’t? Maybe this is related to the error. I deleted the cattail to fix this.

Home sweet home :house_with_garden:

I was building bridges across the swamp waters, but everyone will still walk through the water if it is the shortest route – despite it being much quicker to take the bridge, since there is no slow-down and no sticky water thoughts.

@BrunoSupremo, do you reckon there is a fix for this routing issue?


Mod Updated

For Alpha 22!
Small bug fix.

:up: At the first post. :up:


  • Terrain features changed, now trees and plants (and rocks too) are more mixed.
  • Boulders now have a color similar to the stone mountain. And some grass (moss?) on top. This helps smoothing the colors a little more, boulders were contrasting a lot with the terrain before.
  • Mushrooms models changed.
  • Ferns now are considered both fiber and herbs. (Thanks @Pawel_Malecki, let’s see how this goes)

Bug fixes:

  • Hearthlings walking in the water when there are better (fast or short) routes, like bridges. Now fixed. (Thanks @illdred for your report)

I hope you all like it and have fun!

@Averest I tried getting your error but had no luck, everything seems fine here. What other mods you have?

Home sweet home :house_with_garden:

Oh right, I put HomeSweetHome on there too. Maybe that’s it? I’ll give it a try.
Ok, so it has to be a conflict with HomeSweetHome that caused that. Sorry about that.

Home sweet home :house_with_garden:

I need to check this one out next :wink:


smod file has string of numbers as name please re upload or provide new link


has nothing todo with the link - its an actual issue with discourse


Hey! I was playing around with the mod and noticed this:

You may wish to raise the goblins’ camp spawn up a level.


Mod Updated

For Alpha 22.5!
Bear and bug fixes.

:up: At the first post. :up:


  • Swamp Bear:
    Model from @Fornjotr and animations from @Hyrule_Symbol. I did nothing here, these guys are awesome!
    For a lack of tests and balance, it is basically (from a code perspective) the same as a Varanus.

Bug fixes:

  • Goblin camps spawning one block sink into the ground, flooding their own camp. Fixed. Thanks @Averest for your report.

I hope you all like it and have fun!

I didn’t want to spam the forum just to say I updated the broken link, so I rushed myself to get the bear into it and offer an actual update instead of an empty thread bump.
I didn’t test if the bear can appear in on-going games, because I do not have a swamp save file (shame on me), but I think it can. It is just the same spawning as the Varanus.


should do a collab with the corruption biome so that I can fight a corrupt kingdom and then drain the swamp


:rofl: We got a rising comedian here! Good one Genboom :wink:


Honestly, this “bug” is something I would have called an unintended feature – although you’d expect the goblins to build their camp on higher ground, they’re not exactly known for their intelligence… I find that pic rather hilarious as a mini narrative of what happens when the goblins try to settle outside their native forest biome.


L̶e̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶m̶ ̶d̶r̶o̶w̶n̶!!̶
Good catch finding that bug, @Averest!


I find this Nice xD i think this is perfect for the gobs xD


As I said, he may wish to do so. I do admit it was pretty funny when I found it. Given that the chief has been wandering back and forth between his camp and another campfire each day. I found it pretty amusing. “What? Me never make mistake. We build here on purpose. Yes! That it! No, you stand in water. Me go bravely face dangerous night in swamp. It least I can do for gobs.”


The bug was not much about it being sink one block, that is ok and how it is by default in other biomes, and it is even a feature controlled simple by json alone, very easy to mod.
The bug here that I want to get rid of is that most objects in the camp are misaligned and have air pockets around them. Look at the image and see how the water is not covering everything. In-game, moving the camera around it, it is easier to see.
If they were correctly positioned and aligned with their collision boxes (they are shifted one block to a side or corner), we would not see the air, because the object would fill the air pocket precisely.
But we do see the air and it looks bad.


Yeah if the water completely flooded everything it’d be fine.
In fact, you could say it ruins the… immersion. :sunglasses:


Thanks for fixing link great mod keep up the great work


Oh, little FYI, though I’d be surprised if you weren’t aware already;


I’ve noticed broken descriptions on a few things, usually swamp related. I presumed it was tied to the fact the Swamp Goblins themselves are still heavy WIP, but wanted to drop a friendly notice just in case these sorts weren’t meant to be affected.


Yep. If I remember well, they work, but I recommend avoiding it just in case. They were supposed to be just for the goblins.