Survival town, Goblins lost kinda

So I’ve been playing survival and found a nice little way to keep Goblins out :stuck_out_tongue:

In this picture there is over 500 Goblins, It became pretty laggy but was totally worth it.

Sadly due to this error closing the game every minute I can’t complete it, But it’s almost complete, 2 more houses, paths/roads and a second floor for the armoury, And most importantly the placement of 600 more pink flowers.

Anyway, Hope you like my town :smile:


first, I love the town! looks great! :smile: :+1:

I must have missed this part, as all I see are a bunch of … bunched up goblins… how are they “trapped” here?

Looks like the goblins stuck over the firepit bug to me.

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They where spawning correctly until I blocked there exit to my town, Once they got blocked they just stayed and kept spawning over there, If I was to make some kind of entrance via ladder or something they’d instantly become unstuck and attack, I don’t think my 2 apprentice solider’s with wooden swords can beat them, but I’ll see later :stuck_out_tongue:

The goblin king walks up to my walls daily looking sad then returns to his camp. Also they are a lot further from my town because I made my Hearthlings explore as much of the area on day one pushing back the gloom / darkness area causing them to spawn further a way.


This bug I think could be a “feature”, if a limit were placed on the maximum number of goblins that can be on the field at any given time. Them continuing to spawn when they can’t reach your camp could be seen as them building up their forces for when they can get in.

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As far as I see it, you walled your settlement off completely with those wall elements, locking the goblins out. And with no place to go, they will just keep spawning over the firepit and never move again. (Fun fact: even if you later go there with your army, they won’t move, so your soldiers can just stand next to the firepit, hit all those goblins up there and level all the way to… whatever the highest militaristic rank in East Laughford is :smiley:)

It’s basically Goblin AI exploit/bug again

You could just load an older save file. Run over there with your forces and destroy it all. Including the firepit. Unless you want the gobs too keep coming. If so, just make 1 way in and setup 2 patrol points (stockpile’s w/o any items) by that entrance, or make a party of soldiers and set the guard point or attack point there when they come.

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I can’t do anything on this world anymore sadly, This topic was just to show my amazing ability to capture goblins, But seeing as it crashes every minute the only logical thing to do now is to have 11 hearthlings vs 500 + Goblins. :wink:

well i wish i hadn’t been this lasy in getting rid of the goblin camp asap… Cause after like day 3 there was no point in having footmen since no more goblins spawned…

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Yeah, It’d be nice if suddenly like 20 days down the line after killing the goblin boss he came back like twice as strong, with a new army. But I think in the future there will be more enemy’s to fight against so it will even out the empty space after the goblin camp is gone.

yep, they confirmed that indeed! Still atm i do have a good save-file to do some builds on! :smiley: