Suggestion: Naming Save Files

When playing most games, especially those in Pre-Release, I like to save the game at certain turning points to help me if I go wrong. For instance, saving before building a house on the off chance it causes the game to crash or become unplayable. This means I save using new files fairly often and being able to name them after a certain milestone could be the difference between playing the entire week with fairly minor setbacks that can be corrected by using older loads or just getting contrary and quitting until the next update.

This would be a boon to the developers as well, not only would they hear the original bug report but they would be getting bug reports from “deeper in game” as players will be progressing farther by correcting their mistakes without losing the map. As I’m building a set of save files I’m also able to find the harder bugs that may not show immediately but crop up later as it becomes more complicated. In other words X causes a bug, but only if Y has occurred first.

Personally I’d like to see the same, save by date setup, but with an extra box that you could save comments in such as “Got Level six worker, just starting Dining Hall 2”. Something to jog the memory as to where I am in the game.

If you made it this far then thanks for reading!



Save folders have a metadata file that looks like this:
{ "name" : "", "town_name" : "Bluepool", "game_date" : "day 3 of Deepmun, 1000", "game_time" : "3 : 55 am", "timestamp" : 1430513800338, "time" : "5/1/2015, 3:56:40 PM", "jobs" : { "crafters" : 1, "workers" : 6, "soldiers" : 0 }, "version" : "" }

Interestingly enough, there is a "name" tag, though it doesn’t seem to be used. Any confirmation on what this is supposed to be used for later?

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I have to agree @snocat this feature is nearly imperative to make a showing in the game. And as @coasterspaul discovered it seems to be planned for the future, and already partially supported. It would be great to see nameable saves within the very near future.

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