Renaming saves?

is this possible? (due having many people who play MP) can we find our 17465393 etc folder and rename that to MP with Jhon and Sue and it would be read as such in-game?

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ok i never saw that option on mine yet… thats interesting

Thank you @BrunoSupremo

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i tried both in game and out of game btw… is it a new feature? (tried when i first started MP last week

im honest i just see the foldername but no edit? oO

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Since last year at least:

thats interesting, i would say im just being a nub again, but @Wiese2007 seems to be saying the same?

ahhh ok when i click on the name ingame directly ^^ THANKS!


oh… i thought it was just hover over also… sorry for the nub, this thread may now be deleted

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i dont think it should be deleted - because we are not the only ones who doesnt know this ^^


Is there a fee to join your club? no matter i would like to join :smiley:

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