Allow us to *name* our saves

I think this would help us a bit, with knowing which saves to keep, which are bugged, and which just didn’t work out

Basically this would be almost redundant in the games current state. Having to delete our saves weekly every time a new build comes out :’(

but say for example… we could do this:

1 if i wanted to keep a bugged save for any reason i would save it with the named *Bugged game 1)
2 If i knew i messed up in a certain save i would say do not touch (well why not just delete that one??? good point)
3 It would also be cool to see your save mile stones ( you have an epic building in one of your saves… call it something like This epicness) and so on


good idea, ive always loved it when you could do such things in games.

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I agree if we are not able to name our own saves and like me I like to make a new save alot instead of save on a old 1 its hard to see what save it is that I want to go back to like it is now… what about autosave does that write over my save if I have that enabled?

Actually, you can already rename your saves.

When open the save & load window, just click on the name you want to rename.

Then you can change it to whatever you want!

What’s next? DEMOCRACY??