Saving dialog is a bit awkward


Dear dev team,

I love the new saving feature (although I haven’t tried loading yet and thus don’t even know if it works! I just love the idea of it), and am really glad it’s in now. However, I think the saving dialog is a bit awkward. When you press the Save Game button in the menu, you get the option to add a new save or to delete a save. I can’t seem to be able to overwrite a save (delete and new save is of course an alternative to this). However, what’s worse is that you have to manually close the window after saving. I think it would be best for the dialog to close back to the menu screen when you save a game, or at least to have there be some visual or auditory feedback to the save having taken place other than its game (image and description) appearing in the list.



more valid suggestions! :smiley:

but again, these probably fall best in that category, as opposed to bug reports…


Yup, overwrite should definitely be in there. Thanks.


This one is already in suggestions, isn’t it? Or did you just move it there? I know I meant to put this one there, anyway! If I didn’t, sorry to keep messing up on that :stuck_out_tongue:


I moved it over from bug reports… but no worries! clearly the team agrees with your suggestion… :smile:


also instead of just pressing ESC to get out of the save menu should there also be a little X at the top left corner of the pop-up?


I mean you’re right, overwrite is an option that should be there, but isn’t right now, so we’ll add it. :smile: