Confirm window before loading save from ongoing game

I’m sure a lot of us had plenty of “derp moments” throughout their lives. I have this recurring one where when I open the save window to save a game I am in, for whatever reason I manage to hit the load game button instead of the save button…

And with no questions asked, the game then proceeds to load the save file selected by default, and what I wanted to save gets lost. The fact that it was entirely my own fault, and that the buttons are not even that close to each other, makes it even more frustrating.

I like to believe that I’m not the only one among us who is far too trigger happy when it comes to hitting random buttons, so here I am, suggesting this:

A confirmation window to ask us if we are sure about loading a saved game from an already running game (aka not from the main menu).


Oh, I have this too once in a while. Luckily that’s mostly when developing mods, so not much is lost, but still.