Auto saving feature?

I just started up a game, and 10 minutes after playing, it just went to windows. No saved. This was my fault, but it would be nice if there was an auto save feature.


well, here’s hoping this topic ends better than the last one… :wink:


Wow. That was an amazing read. Quite humorous.

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I’m sure there will be an auto save function eventually. I’m debating with myself whether it is priority item or not. I already hit new save every 5 - 20 minutes or before starting a new building/finishing a building as is.

So. . Probably not a priority, but I would bet a good amount of money we will see it eventually.

Don’t remind me of that.



I can assure you, no one is “ganging up”, and my reference to the previous thread was merely in a attempt to keep this thread productive… :wink:

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Auto-save would be neat, only real question is: “How important is it in this release of the incomplete game”. I bet they will add it once it is important enough and has enough impact.

It may not be inportant now, but something to think about. Had not realized there was already a thread on this.

I’d like to put my vote in the autosave hat.
On top of that i’d like a exit confirmation dialog. If possible one that would appear if you didn’t save within last minute if not possible one that would appear every time I try to exit my town.

Hi Radiant Team! I just wanted to know are you guys thinking of implementing an AutoSave button anytime soon? I am just asking since with the current release I am getting A LOT of crashing. Thanks :smile:

Oh the pain this would save me during my let’s plays lol

I hear ya … I am in constant fear of my game crashing. It usually happens right when I am just about to save, then all of sudden the game says “ahahahaha you didn’t save in time :stuck_out_tongue:” Then I turn off my computer and walk away LOL

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Okay i would love it if the auto save could be implemented soon. For the last week or so i have played multiple sessions where i have gone for 2 or 3 hours without saving manually being fully focused on getting my blacksmith up to level 4 to get those steel armors for my footmen and then all of a sudden the game crash with little to no warning.

I then launch the game hoping the game would have auto saved but lo and behold, my lovely village is set back by 3 or more hours.

This is usually when i flip a table in my mind and sit on youtube sulking for an hours. But this time i went on the discourse, found that first auto save discussion @SteveAdamo linked to above and had some face palming moments. (for the record i think @epicdwarf was under the impression that when you said auto save it literally created a identical copy of the manual save you just created rather the the saves every 10 minutes or so and then you can have manual saves to complement that) :laughing:

And now I’m here. Going to go and sulk on youtube anyway. But at least i contributed this time.

and we thank you for your contribution, good sir (and for resurrecting an existing thread as opposed to spawning a new one)… :+1:

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Well someone have got to get it implemented soon! Now that the game is stable enough and have this much content that you can play for hours it really makes sens to implement it. :wink:

I was having such a good run, more then 30 goblins killed and not a single heartling lost to them.

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I feel it’s just as important to get some kind of notification that a save failed so we know to go make a file backup before something nasty happens to the files we worked so hard on.

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Just had a crash, lost lots of progress. Why no auto save? This is really a question for Team Radiant. Why burden the user to have to remember to save? With Mods this could always be potentially unstable, and why not protect the users investment in the game?

remember, this is alpha :wink: i believe something like this is planned for later on though.

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I think autosave would be a nice feature to have, but please make it ‘optional’ in the settings.

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As the most Early Access games i played, it came near the end of the Alpha or the start of the Beta, so atm (as Tom had said in some Video when he was talking about many features(hope i did not misunderstand him there)) an Auto-Save and other good stuff will come, but first they want to implement all the Really IMPORTANT Features like all the Jobs, Full Mining, More buildings and such.

So, Yeah it will come, and i hope they do a very good Job with all the other Features.
Until now I’am very impressed with the current work!

Keep it up Team Radian!!

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