Auto Save Game Feature

Is there a feature underdevelopment or a possibility of such a feature where game is saved right after a new Map is started?

I had a cool map where I was surrounded by Cliffs from 3 sides and 1 opening, I had 10 or maybe 11 hearthlings and game was going good. i thought of creating a wall for defence on that 1 entrance. I opened custom build menu and as soon as i selected the WALL the game crashed.

I didn’t save the game and now I am sad :frowning:.
May be add an option in settings for users to choose if they want to use this feature or not and SAVE LIVES!!! :smile:

Like the auto-save option in the save menu?

Yes a feature similar to this one but this is when user is manually going to save the game. Then he can choose this option. What I am talking about is if user forgets to even open this Save Menu.

If for instance I started a game with an awesome map and forgot to save it. Now while playing due to some reasons the game crashed, there is no save file present because I didn’t save it.

The option you shared is shown when user tries to save or load, what I am saying is Save the game by default as soon as the map is selected and the world loads.

Now this option can be managed in different ways, either force save it or allow user to enable this feature in his game options.

This option SirAstrix showed you will save on its own randomly not directly when a map starts but it will save automatic with a set time frame which i don’t know how many minutes it’s between each one. It even saves if you have paused the game and your just designing it still auto saves for you.
You just have to tick that Box once and it works forever until you decide to untick it so even when switching town.

The bad side of this auto save feature is that you can only have 1 auto save for all your town you have so be careful to keep a manual save as well because it will overwrite the other towns auto save file since it can only be one

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or you could just get into the habit of saving the game immediately after creation.

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Saves all the trouble right? xD

Saving at the start also provides the benefit of redoing the town if you end up failing or don’t like certain choices you made.

@MooOooN, I believe it’s between every daily town update if I’m not mistaken.

@MooOooN or you can use quick save and quick load (forgot the shortcut key)

I know this is a work around, and that’s is exactly what I said I don’t want to do or if by any chance I FORGOT to SAVE in the game START and it crashed???

If I remember and make a habit to save the game in the start, then there is no point of this ticket. Since this is on me manually doing it and not an automated feature. (That’s the purpose of automation. Easy life. No?)

One thing I have had occur to me, is I seem to have had it crash WHILE saving (I think perhaps when it saves while I was in the middle of clicking/kicking off something).

But the results is an bad auto-save, AND a crashed game.

Would it be possible to make the auto-save rotate through a few. (either fixed number, and even 2 would help a lot) or perhaps a user set one.

Even a Auto Save game and ‘Old’ Auto Save game; would be an immense improvement.

i would like if it was possible for each town to have its own auto save file so it wont overwrite a different towns auto save like it does now


YES!!! thats what i was talking about. And this feature could be disabled from SETTINGS and not the save menu where you have to go each time a new town is started and select auto save.