i would suggest todo the autosave-button in the settings and make it at the start on ON - so you can if you want disable it :wink:


to disable it go into the save ui and check it off.

ähmmm its standard disabled ^^ i want it autoenabled at the start :wink:

ahhh, sorry i misunderstood you.

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But you could just as easily say that it should be off by default, and if you want you can go into the settings and turn it on. I realize there has to be a default value, either on or off, but I’d like to hear your reasons for why it should be on by default.


Every day that’s even, the default is on, every day that’s odd, the default is off, every February 29th, it’s decided based on the current phase of the moon.


The epitome of fairness. Agreed wholeheartedly.

because of the bugs its the best when it saves automatically whilr the game works - mostly you forget to save when you at playing and then schwups error :wink:

and because of the trigger - you find them in the user_settings ^^ “enable_auto_save” : true

Any game nowadays has autosave ON by default. Name me a game that has this feature that starts with it OFF? I’d be surprised to hear any…

I cam to the forum to specifically mention this.

I would like to also suggest that auto-save be on by default.

  • Especially since the checkbox is buried in the Save/Load system window. (I just went looking for the setting control and it took minutes to find it, I became convinced it had been removed before finally finding it in the save game interface even though I’m there all the time!)

I think it’s great to have this as a feature. I have come to rely on it heavily. When I first started playing and skimmed all the settings and saw it I thought “awesome I want this.” And I did not check it because reasons. (Migraine, slipped my mind. Literally.)

Couple hours/days go by. Something bad happens. Whether it was a bug or user error I don’t know – but I thought I will revert! And I could not revert to a point in time recently enough to bother saving that game. At all. Because I was a bad player and failed my ‘turn auto-save on’ roll.

I rely on it too much now, and forget to make saves before starting a big build, or incrementally during building or whatever – but that’s on me and is more due to my comfort level with not being wiped out in an established city.

So please, have it on by default, as a new player, it was pretty devastating.

Also – the great modification to this functionality would be to let me choose how frequently the save occurs. Right now given my play style it almost seems too frequent since there is one save file that is kept (instead of say, 2 or 4 or however many that are rotated through). I’d either want to have more control over how frequently the saves are made, or have a couple that are archived.