Auto-Saving [SUGGESTION]

Wow, has it really been that long since I have made a Suggestion-Topic? :alarm_clock:

Hey guys, it’s me, the man, the myth, the legend, me! :wink:

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So, is my Suggestion. I feel that this Suggestion should be in the game. :notebook_with_decorative_cover:


This one is a No-Brainer. Auto-Saving is a must. The game should constantly Save, and overwrite your last Save-Point This way we don’t need to constantly Save your Save-File manually. So, if you decide to exit Stonehearth and play it a few hours later, you could play your Save-File exactly where you left off. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I guess that was my Suggestion. :blush:

@EpicDwarf out. :pencil:


For #1… can’t you load a previous town just fine right now? I’m pretty sure I have 3 different Stonehearth villages i can go between…

Or maybe i’m crazy.

But yes, i totally agree with an auto-save option. Always lovely.

Well, for the first one, I didn’t mean loading a previous Save-Point, I mean a Save-FIle as a different Town, a different World.

I’m not sure I understand TBH. Do you mean the following:

“I want to be able to save world RNG seeds, so that I can re-use that map seed for a different town”


“I want to be able to save my game and include the map seed in the save, such that I can start a new town on the same map, and eventually discover my original settlement in-game”

Otherwise, I’m lost :smiley: .

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Gotcha. Yes I agree, especially if you can choose how savage a world is at generation… how many civilizations there are… etc.

No, you can create a different a different Save-File with a different map.

Think Minecraft. You can make multiple Worlds.

ok so im lost with #1 as well so let me put an example out there. when i play final fantasy 3 on ds or bravely default on 3ds then say load game. it goes and shows 3 files
is this what your kinda talking about?

I guess so, but I’m thinking more like this.

i think @Teleros was in the right, with the assumption that you were looking for a “map seed” in order to save/play the same map repeatedly… yes?

otherwise, i’m just as confused… :question:

as for auto-save, thats always a nice feature… just make it another accessible savegame to load from the menu, sorted by timestamp (so in theory a game we manually save may be newer than the most recent autosave)…

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Oh god, how hard is it to understand?!?!

It’s creating a new world and having more than one game! Look at the picture I posted!

bangs head on keyboard

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I think the confusion is that it’s something we can already do.

Or am I, like everyone else, missing the point here?

As for auto-saving, definitely something I imagine is in the works, I mean why wouldn’t it be? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, we were already able to do that?!

Damn it.

and the veil is lifted! :smile:


My only thought with Auto-Saving is that it would have to be a separate save file from your normal save file for a world.

Due to the number of bugs in these early releases, a world can easily be damaged beyond repair, requiring a reload. But if the Auto Save function saved over your only previous save file after the world was damaged (EG, pop-ups not being removed from screen, Etc.) your world wouldn’t work right. and you’d have to start a new world.

Although in later releases it would be good to have a toggle button in the settings to do auto-saves of your world.


oh, absolutely … that’s how most auto save features work too… at least most that I’m familiar with…


I have to disagree, but I don’t like that idea at all.

Why should I keep two or more Save-Files of the same World?

Well, as @SteveAdamo said, that is the typical way auto-saves work. I think it makes sense that the game shouldn’t automatically overwrite saves you made yourself. What if you saved a certain point of the game because you particularly liked that part, or because you wanted to try something but not be stuck with it so that you could load again afterwards and move on with more serious, long-term plans? If the auto-save would overwrite your manual saves, you could suddenly have in effect lost the game you had intended to save.

That’s a pretty massive reason right there.

Having auto-save running parallel with manual saves is a pretty standard way of doing things, and it makes the most sense. The auto-save functions as the back-up just incase something very bad happens, or you want to reload your previous auto-save, and the manual save is the save ‘proper’ that you load from.

That way you control specifically when you save and aren’t faced with a nasty surprise.


I’m talking about this being in the full release, not now.

Okay, well ignoring potentially game breaking bugs, all the reasons @Phagocytosis lists then.

Having a parallel auto-save means you will always have a save file at hand should you wish to reload. If you only have one save file which is overwritten by auto-save (assuming you don’t go through the process of copying and pasting save files etc.) then it essentially becomes a rogue-like, you can never reload should something catastrophic happen gameplay wise.

Having the parallel auto-save is hardly obtrusive, what is it you wouldn’t want?

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