Request to Modders for Steam Workshop


I want to make a proposal to my fellow modders, regarding the Steam Workshop.
Given that Steam shows numbers rather than names:

It can be a bit hard for users to figure out which mods are which if they’re looking through the actual folders, and even if you go into them, you then have to dig into the manifests.
How about throwing in a little blank file, titled with the name of the mod?


Before you say anything - yes, I know it’s entirely unnecessary, there’s probably not that many people who actually nose around in this stuff, you could do it through the game’s Mods menu.

It’s just a little thing, to make for quicker file navigation outside of the game; I started doing it with mine more for when I need to quickly find a particular mod of mine to work with it.


…sorry that came out more rambly than intended. Hopefully people have learned to translate Kitty rambles by now >.<


Okay, I’m going to start doing this. I’ve got two WIP mods in my folder and I’m already confusing them :stuck_out_tongue:


That might be a good habit to have. Thanks for the idea.

I think I’ll add a sentence “This is just for the name.” For if ever another modder decides to poke around and find it.


@linda were any changes planned for this?


I changed the way steam upload mods are loaded / created recently. So now you can rename your steam uploads folders to whatever you want, and when creating a new mod from the mods screen, it will use the namespace of the mod as the folder name, for less confusion.


That’s even better. Thank you!


So in all of mine I have a modname.2do file. NO PEAKING. Nah just kidding.


so how would this pan out? my vikingmod now lives in the folder 1369569709, if one would make a mod now that folder would have the name of the mod? (if so, any way i can transfer over to the new naming system?)


You can simply rename the folder of your mod to vikingmod (or whatever name you want to use) in the steam_uploads folder.

Note that players that download/subscribe to your mod from steam will still have the steam file id 1369569709 as a mod folder name inside of the folder that steam downloads all of their subscribed mods to, due to the way steam works.


ah so this is more a “organise your own mod” feature then a “recognise someones mod in the steam folder” thing.
so putting a “this is the vikingmod.nfo” file in my mod would still be usefull if people search for it? check.


This seems a brilliant solution. I did a Google search and it seems file format .namespace is not used by any software so e.g. autoharvest_mod.namespace seems like a good choice.


yeah but no one recognises that one, .nfo has been used for ages for purposes like this :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing is I expect .nfo files to contain some information and I am too lazy to write a proper .nfo file for my mods.


fair enough, i dont expect much, thats why i just use it as a singpost with literally the same contents as the name XD


Great idea! I replied to bump this so more people read it and start doing this! I am in the workshop folder almost daily and this DOES help!!


This is not necessary anymore. As Linda mentioned there in the middle of the topic, your uploads folder can have whatever name you need, and the game even defaults to the mod name now when you first create it.

For the downloaded mods, this is also not necessary anymore as inside the folder there will be no files anymore, just a mod_name.smod file. So there is no need for a second file there with the mod name, and it would not even work, as that second file would be now inside the *.smod file


True and not true. IF someone has updated their mod since that update then it “may” rename it. In my workshop folder there are an equal amount of “canyon.smod”, “12345678.smod”, and the old style of “ui,data,jobs,manifest”
Perhaps this is not normal, but I just re-installed Stonehearth to a new SSD yesterday and it downloaded all my subscribed mods. Like I said, they are a mixed lot of old, new, and hybrid.