Steam workshop uploads name change

Alright so i messed around with the steam workshop and got it working but after i switched from latetst to the new building version and back to latest all my uploads are now stated as the steam number idd of the workshop.

Which would not be that big of a problem if not for the fact that if i activate them now the game just wont load anymore and stays on a black screen with the menu song running in the back ground.

I had to manualy go to the user_setting.json and disable the mods before i could get the game working again.

Is there anywhere where the mod names are stored and where i can restore the names so the mods would function again?

This does not effect the already uploaded mods for as far as i know but the name of the mod is nessesary for the mods to work.

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Are you saying that the name displayed in the mods menu is showing the steam file ID instead of the mod’s namespace?

The mod folder name is no longer needed for the mods to work (I think the rickety branch has these changes but it doesn’t have the UI enabled and won’t load those mods, there might be other things that are not working there).

In the link that BrunoSupremo has posted is the information about how the workshop uploads/downloads work.

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Was typing my reply when i found out the corrupt. I did not update my manifest yet to the new info that had to be added.

Quite curious why it did work with missing info in the first place but got it wokring again by adding namespace, steam ID and client only

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