Nordlingmod, steamupload and .smod

Right, my mod has grown to the point where, if we are honest, its literally larger and more complicated than say, rayas children and most defnitly NA.

it has 4.555 Files, 594 Folders. all uncompressed and all in total its somewhere between 30-40 MB.
if i zip it up, and rename it to an smod. this is slightly over ten MB. and one big file.

now i understand why uncompressed files are usefull for the steam workshop: you change some things around, users wont have to download -ALL- that ten MB again. but all those tiny files they take up a good chunk of game-time to load in when starting the game up.

now i tried just turning my mod into a smod to see if the game would still allow me to upload that to the steam workshop, but it doesnt show up in the location where normal mods go when you want to upload them/update them. so thats a no-go. is there another way we could use to speed up the loading of large mods?
preferably one not involving people making batch files to auto zip-and-rename, then move to mods folder things? i mean at this point even smodded the mod is too big to even post here on the forum. and that includes keeping files small wherever possible rather dilligently.

so what im trying to say is, please let me upload my mod as .smod to the steam workshop, its bigger than rayas children and NA combined… (because of custom everything)
@Relyss and or @max99x ?

The steam file id is inside the manifest, so the steam api would need to be able to read it inside the smod to check that it’s valid for you to upload it.

@ayazar and @linda might know better why is this.

Justin is currently investigating if there’s any safe way (given our timeframe) to speed up the loading time.

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Hey! Yeah @Wouter_Sikkema got it right, it’s the steam best practice from their docs and we liked the simple workflow of the steam_uploads folder. It’s also true that zip mods have those benefits.

Like Relyss said, Justin’s looking at a solution for loading mods faster.

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