Mod Naming Conventions

So we need to discuss a proper solution and decide on an official format for naming our mods.

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On the other hand, it could exist something like


but that way the conflict would still be there.

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Like I said in the other topic, the problem with this is that the smod name is what all the paths and aliases are based off of. So adding a build name to the smod file will require you to completely update all of your paths and aliases every time you push a build.

I do agree with some sort of identifier, such as the authors name or something else however.

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I doubt that this will come any time soon. From what I’ve heard, the whole mod loading thing is still in discussion. Ideally, each manifest could define a namespace which would be used for aliases and the like. That way you would still have collisions if two people decide to name their mods the same thing - but here’s the fancy bit, maybe that namespace wouldn’t have the same restrictions files currently have, i.e. rp:diy_trees:growable_component could be a thing.

Until then, I would recommend doing a simple prefix_modname thing, as I’ve done with rp. Two to three characters sound reasonable enough.

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maybe the file could be a folder with the authors name on it? like /author/modname/file

Authors don’t work well because projects tend to change. Another game that got me started with developing all these years ago had a simple system where each author could file for two digits that were assigned - and all his objects ended with that id (so 2/4 characters were these two). Such a system could easily be made here too - somebody make a table with author and his two letters and then the mods are named [author_id]_[mod_name] for now.

I’m calling dibs on rp on account of having stuff with that already.

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my strong sense or order (and runaway OCD) compels me to comment here… having been a developer for ages, and working with shared code bases would require sensible conventions, so our fellow developers could easily determine what a particular function or procedure might do, simply by the provided name…

unfortunately I don’t have anything particularly helpful to offer here, as the concept of modding (and incorporating potentially dozens of different code files) is something I’m not overly familiar with…

still, I have to think that this is something Radiant has spent a fair amount of time conceptualizing (given that modding is such a fundamental part of the core game design)…

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