Problem with names and description

Hi everyone, I’ve been making a mod and got it up and running.

My problem is that the game cannot find the names and descriptions.
I’ve checked everything like a thousand times and validated all the .json but apparently i’m blind.

Here’s the mod GitHub - luquitacx/Infibox_Stonehearth

I’m not super sure, but sometimes you use “Infibox” and other times you use “infibox”. Case very likely matters.

I use “Infibox” for the mod name, and “infibox” for everything else.
Anyway, i will change everything to lower case just to be sure.

I changed everything to lower case and it ended up working. But still really strange.
Maybe there is a bug with upper cases, or i missed one.

it is recommended to use lower case. For the manifest, the value on “name” should be written the exact same way as the name of your mod folder. This is due to a new tech to load manifests separately. On previous versions we could have different names for the folder and manifest without problems.