Mod idea: Save game

If you we’re able to get your resource count, world seed building I’d, or however that works, and the position of the villagers, maybe it would be possible to make a basic save game mod with Lua. Does anyone think this would be possible? I would Definetly try modding this, unless the save update comes out right after Alpha 1. I just think that a save feature is kind of needed for this kind of game, and it should be a feature that is in alpha 1, even if it delays the release.


I meant Id not I’d

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I believe this is something everyone wants to be added/modded in. :wink:

Yea, but would it be possible to mod that in, or would that be something integrated into the game engine.

I’ll let the modders of the community speak… As I have no expertise in this field.

You would have to save more than just the count of resources and the seed. All your buildings, chopped trees, items built, creatures killed, position of your workers, their working orders, etc. every small detail would have to be saved to really continue your game. I would question it would make sense at all to even think about it, knowing that this feature will be provided by the devs sooner or later. Sounds like a waste of time to me.

it will be in eventually… just need a little patience… :wink:

and given the intent of the release is to thoroughly test the game, and not hav legitimate (lengthy) play sessions, a save isnt of paramount importance just yet… however, it will become increasingly more important in the bug reporting process, as being able to deliver a save, along with a report, will help immensely in resolving a given issue…

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In terms of the content we will see in Alpha 1 I would probably imagine it’d be more fun/ useful to mod in infinite resources that we can set our guys to work with rather than a save function … just my thoughts anyway, I’m sure we’ll need to have a hands on before we can decide if it’s a complete loss.

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Creative mode! This is actually a great idea for a future feature/mod! :thumbsup:

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I understand that the feature will be there later, but if it turns out that it will be in a long time, like in more than 2/3 updates, then why not make some kind of save mod? Obviously if it comes out or is planned right away, then the mod would be useless. I guess we will have to wait until the development map that they said they will release after alpha 1.

I would just echo @SteveAdamo’s words that it is really a testing process. A save feature, whilst it will become increasingly important, is initially not so necessary; there won’t be enough content to deem it. What we will get is a lot of the big core systems for the engine, but not much content, as that can now be added quickly, just will come later. So for now, a save feature isn’t actually so necessary. And I’m sure Radiant have at least reasonably high on their list of priorities, shown by this quote from a fairly recent DT:

It is missing major features, like the ability to save your progress.

I’m sure saving will be implemented in time for it to be needed in terms of content allowing for a lengthy game.

Creative mode! This is actually a great idea for a future feature/mod!

absolutely! this is already a planned feature… :+1:

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What? Really? Oh awesome! I don’t know how I missed that, but wise moves from Radiant…:thumbsup:

apologies … misspoke … there’ll be a “peaceful” mode for sure…

creative? yes please!

Ahhh! I would love to see a creative mode, and I’ll be popping the question over in the livestream question bank, but I was surprised I couldn’t remember hearing anything on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

They will add it to the game as soon as they can. If you can’t play without saving your game. Then just wait till they add it in.