So i was thinking about a village mod

now we all know there will be npc villages but what if you wanted to be a village for example the mod gives you the same things the npcs have and your only allowed 30 houses and every time of work shop i think its a great idea ( picks up lua for dummys )

Could you try to make your idea a bit more clearer? I find your description a bit hard to understand ^^

You want to make a mod where you have a limited amount of buildings? Explain further please.

learning punctuation is a good preparation for lua. As without punctuation in your lua code it will simply not work. :smile:


I’m afraid the idea is lost on me as well… :confused:

So it’s just the normal game except your limited in what you can build? I don’t really see how that relates to villages.

What he means is that you play as a village. Basically, instead of a city-building game, it’s a city managament game. Most of the gameplay would be similar, but less progression more survival.

I’m sorry you lost me.

Like Dwalus said it just changes the game to a survival type game sorry i was in a hurry now lets open that lua for dummys

i dunno… i suppose i’m still at somewhat of a loss…

SH will already feature a survival aspect - keeping your units alive, via housing/defenses and balancing agriculture with military might… :confused:

It would just be maintaining a village that was given to you instead of making one from scratch.