The World Editor

So the alpha is getting closer as we type and I think it’s a good time to start thinking about modding.
What I would like if some people could help into creating a world editor for use in creating special scenarios.I am not talking about creating small modules but an entire world with different features created by the player.Think of MCedit but for Stonehearth.
If anybody wishes to help i would be really happy since I am not that good of programmer.

i really like the idea but sadly : ( i cant program that well either but i would love to see it

I Would like to help :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’d like to help too i do know a bit about programming like i said but not too much

I’m sure after the beta is released the game will have it’s own world builder.

seconding what @Skull24 said… It might be best to see what tools we will already have at our disposal, especially as modding is such a core design goal for SH…

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Yea they’ve said in the past they were going to implement a form of “Creative Mode”.
This idea doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to implement either (point -> click -> place [value]) as just a basic plan… So using as an educated guess, Radiant would probably add such a universal feature

well, we’ve heard mention of a “peaceful” mode for sure… would love to see creative as well… :+1:


@SteveAdamo, I’m sure there’s been actual mention of a World Editor at some point from Radiant, in a stream? Sadly, I sometimes like to remember things that never happened, so please nobody take my word on this.

I’m nearly certain you’re correct there, with my interest in creating a vastly superior version of this I’m sure I’d’ve remembered if I heard of it.

I am interested in creating a superior form, think of it as a Mod Editor to a World Editor, Gloves to Mittens, a Hammer to a Saw. Pity I can’t tell if it’s possible yet.