Suggestion about military commands

-There should be a command banner placed for military units to defend an area WHEN in Town defense mode.
-The ‘Defend area’ command should be upgraded so that mil units would STAY there even if enemies were spotted farther
-When in town defense mode, especially early game, it is important that villagers stay at the banner and WAIT for the enemies to get very close; this is not the case


love the idea! having a wall around my town i often only want my military units to go to the gate when an enemy raid is coming, the rest of the time i like the look of them wandering around town patrolling.

and i know i could use the attack banners to do this, but i prefer a more automatic way of doing things…

i’m pretty sure thats a bug… it might have been reported already, but i haven’t had much time to catch up on reports yet so i can’t say for certain


Another suggestion for military units there should be some sort of retreat command to keep a uint out of combat to save them when they are on low health because currently you can run them away by commanding them to move to a location but then they go right back into combat and most likely die.

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Yeah, the villagers keep running between the camp banner and the enemy, at least they could just all go to the enemy to kill it. Or when I want to keep them protected behind a all for example, thats not possible. And the white banner is useless??

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Military Commands Topic

Link: Suggestion about military commands

I really like this idea as well. Does the military category pertain to militia too? I’ve had an instance where I had my leveled carpenter in my militia and he went off to fight wolves without the footmen. That was mildly irritating especially since I didn’t find out until he was practically mauled.

Maybe having a primary, secondary, tertiary, and final defense “zonage” would support larger settlements.
For instance, banner #1 could be assigned to primary. Banner #1 contains archers for the outwr defenses.
Banner #2 / secondary would be made up of footment and militia men for the lower town.
Banner #3 / tertiary would be made of archers and knights for the inner defenses.
Banner #4 / final would be made of your knights and clerics to protect the “safe zone”.
This would combine the zone idea in another post with the larger settlement support and upgraded defense mode threads during invasions. Not to mention large scale combat would become more exciting if your units were more receptive and intelligent.
(I’m on my mobile so I can’t seem to format this post properly [I’ll edit it to look better asap])

I love the idea of different defense “levels”. I’m always trying to do this manually