Defend Location tweaks

I have an idea for some tweaks to the defend location command. Both of them are presented in this screenshot -

As you can see, the guard on the right is facing diagonally instead of parallel with the road. For the aesthetic, I want them to be facing down the road, as the guard on the left is doing. I had to manually face the guards in order for them to stand the right way, but when they go to get food or sleep, they come back and are facing the wrong way again. It’d be nice if the people assigned to a defend location command faced the direction of the banner, instead of the same way they did when they arrived.

The second request has been voiced before, but to back it some more, I’ll repeat it: it’d be nice if the banners were invisible when the military tab is unselected, i.e., it’s only visible when you have a party profile or the military tab open.