Make 'Defend Location' indicator invisible

This all starts with me wanting to place an archer in a guard tower. I place the flag (accompanied with a big FOV square) and the selected archer in that combat party runs off and starts defending beforementioned guardtower. So far, fantastic.
Now I want to move on to other things in my village, but the flag (and now very big and even annoying FOV square) are still in my vision.

Could we make it so that when one leaves the Fight & Defend menu, either all Fight & Defend orders disappear, or specifically the Defend Location order?

Kind regards


Agreed! It is a bit annoying to have that big square (and the flag) always present. It would be nice if they only appeared when in the military menu.

Have fun, Kyth.


I second this suggestion :+1:

Totally agree with you. That big indicator is really annoying.

Not only is the large ‘defend’ zone a visible nuisance, but it overlaps other zones like stockpiles and pastures and makes it difficult (if not downright impossible) to select a zone that is underneath a defend zone.

Good suggestion :slight_smile: since I do have my problems too with this zone…

what could be added is when you put your mouse over that visible icon on the map where you placed the defend location icon, and there pops up a small button that offers to be hidden. maybe a bit transparent or even completely hidden, possibly have it to where if you click on a soldier in that party defending that location and suddenly you can see where the defend location icon is, and when you click away then it disappears.