Symbols hidden when not in menus


I wonder if you would consider hiding the symbols above items when not in menus (the moving arrows and the exclamation mark above the new crafting stockpile if unassigned a resource or building error). I find the arrows a little unsightly when just viewing the town, especially as they remain large as you zoom out.

If you make them visible only when in menus then you can see what has errors or tasks assigned to it without it affecting the look of the town when just looking around and admiring your creation :slight_smile:

I think it would be good to do this for the defend symbol too when not in the defense menu as I think you only need to check/change this when in the defense menu anyway.

Thanks for all your hard work in the game :slight_smile:


While I understand your considerations, I will disagree.

Some of the icons are meant as a notifyers. There are like your bed alarm. They are annoying and in the way of your life, and I imagine many people would rather not hear them in their lives. But this alarm is meant to notify you of something imorptant. In that case, putting it in a place where you only see them when you want to*, is a bad idea as it defeats their purpose.

This does not mean that I think it is a bad suggestion, it is just not always a good suggestion, it depends on the properties of the icon’s in question.

  • Let’s face it, if they are in menu’s you can choose to drown them out, which was part of your point.

That’s my two cents.