Defend Flag AoE visual issues

I noticed that when placing a defend location flag in D3002, there is now a handy AoE overlay that appears. It seems to use the same visual overlay mechanic as stockpiles and pastures, which remain partially visible after being placed. Unfortunately, if your defend flag is placed above ground level, that overlay starts to look funny floating up in the air.

Which leads me to my second issue, the AoE zone does not drape over the landscape to account for building height, and the surrounding terrain, it seems to remain static at the height of the flag itself, which makes it difficult to tell exactly where the leash zone will be. Essentially, as a player placing a defend flag on an elevated position, I need to know where the zone is on the terrain below the elevated position. As it is now, that zone floats entirely at flag height, making that sometimes difficult to determine. See screenshot below.

Lighting issue:

Floating overlay (three examples at different heights):

Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 D3002 x64

Personally I think that this restriction isn’t really a bad thing (at least under the aspect of gameplay) if the defended area will be restricted to the height of the placed flag. That would mean that archers in your example would only patrol and defend on the walls if the flag is on top of it. Didn’t test it yet though. I have to agree to the visual annoyance of floating overlays though. A solution could be the option to connect smaller zones so you can avoid creating an overlay over your courtyard. That will maybe added later on because the edited defend flag is fairly new.

I believe this is just a visual bug (thankfully). I still have archers defending territory within a reasonable line of sight, regardless of their height relative to their targets.

I think you misunderstood me there. The restriction I meant wasn’t regarding targeting enemys on different heights but the positioning of hearthlings under command of the flag.

Oh. Yeah. I did. :blush:

I really need archers to patrol on top of walls, but defend via line of sight. That basically works today. Are you suggesting different functionality? (and apologies if I haven’t had enough coffee yet… :P)

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