Defend flag area behavior

Well my idea is, that if a flag is placed on the third floor of a three story tower the archers will stay on that floor. Makes controlling them easier when they are where they should be :wink:
If that works than all’s fine.
I fear that with disregarding the height of the flag to specify the area to defend there could be a lot of problems. Imagine a mine under your area where archers are defending in which a lot of monsters spawn.
Archers underground without terrain advantag and maybe at close quarters means dead archers if they rush down as opposed to staying where their place should be.

I think I hear what you’re saying. Until very recently, I did have issues with Archers descending from safer positions in pursuit of a better firing angle. In D3002, I haven’t seen them do that. So while they do seem to rain death from above, I don’t see them abandoning their positions anymore.

Well, that’ good to hear. Haven’t really testet the possibilities with defending yet, because I have to rush out and meet the enemies in my save so far. Wanting to turn an complete Mountain with surroundings into a castle in the desert provides far too many construction sites which have to be defended. At least the outcome will be worth the trouble.

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I’d love to see the build when it’s done. I’m personally a big fan of well fortified and defended cities. :slight_smile:

Here’s my entrance part. have it also posted as a suggestion to surviving on hard mode in another thread.
Well, on the left side is still a wall missing but it’s full functionable.
Archers with one or two clerics on the center cross and in the left part the melee force with clerics and support from the new turrets (those are expensive as hell. hope they will be introducing ammunition instead of replacing the whole turret. or at if least one could control them)

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Well, alternatively, they could TF2 it and allow engineers to repair them while they’re firing to keep them alive. Maybe they stock their backpacks with gears and burn them to add a block of additional uses back to a turret? Would mean they couldn’t continue to refill them indefinitely as their backpacks would eventually empty and they’d have to go get more supplies.

But, such a mechanic would help keep turrets working during a larger/longer raid, and whole turrets could still be replaced if the engineer runs out of gears and it gets destroyed.

My idea would be that the turrets are more expensive and dont really destroy themselves but take slowly damage which can be repaired by an engineer. They have a stock of craftable ammunition which can be refilled either only by engineers or maybe workers too. Also ther should be different types of turrets with their own typ of ammunition with varying range and damage (If they implement a turnip shooter it should be possible to restock it with turnips and not to have to burn your whole stock of tin crafting new turrets :frowning: )

Sounds like they’re trying to ensure balance. By making them both powerful and expensive, as well as limiting their quantity, they’re ensuring that the game remains challenging. Turnips are cheap and abundant. But I do see your point, and I think there’s still some cost balancing that needs to happen.

Gameplay-wise, by removing the turret from play temporarily, you’re ensuring that it can’t just sit there mowing down the competition endlessly without significant cost and support (spare workers to run a replacement, high cost of the replacement turret, etc).

There’s also nothing saying they couldn’t roll out that kind of mechanic for a higher tier of turret later, and only the cheaper turrets fully break like this. This is, after all, only the beginning of this new class. :slight_smile:

Yes, “endless the possibilities are” a green lttle gnome would say :wink:
The ideas are good and with a bit of balancing most will be satisfied with the cost-ratio, at least i hope so.
But turrets in combination with drawbridges would make nice side entrances which wouldn`t neead any hearthlings to defend for the short time they are lowered.

Aside from that, can you as initiator of a thread change it’s title and the related categories?
Because from the initial support and bug problem we stepped more to gameplay and suggestions. Could be irritating to other readers.
You can also pm me with topics you want ot talk about.

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Mod (@Relyss, halp?) should really split out that part of the conversation to the Development category, me thinks.

Agreed. So only mmoderators or sorts can change categories? Or am I now misunderstanding?

Well, they can split out stuff into different categories, merge things in with other threads, etc. I can change the whole thread, which doesn’t apply here I think. The bug is still valid on its own.

Ok, if you have other stuff to ask or share, I’m always curious. Don’t think I have anything to add to the topic now.

If this is considered more of a suggestion, we can change the category to suggestions :slight_smile: