Archers & Clerics HOLD Position

I feel like we really need a real defend and hold position the current one is not good at all for Archers and Clerics because both very often decides to go away from walls either because the enemies below decided to go back because your shooting them or for them to find a shooting spot even tho they would have one ontop.

The clerics also goes down to fight with their books and it’s very annoying when playing Hardmode to experience both these things.

I hope to see a fix for this soon as it really feels like the combat is a weak side of Stonehearth atm because of how your people behave in many situations.


yeah not sure why my cleric wants to engage in melee combat armed only with a book and a headband? and archers need to stay a bit closer to the mobs as they often are left behind when in a big melee kicks off…

the hold position would be really nice especially when i build a wall and make space for them to stand on the wall and shoot…they simply run off that spot, which kinda defeats the purpose of building places on wall for archers to defend from.

another great command would be “move as unit” as with all the different speeds of units they often get strung out and arrive one by one to combat which can get the first soldiers murdered.

While you can micro manage this…its really doesn’t fit with the rest of the game…if combat is going to be a part of this…we really need a higher level of control…esp in hardcore mode.