Suggested AI improvements

First off, if I missed a topic about this already in existence, I apologize—I did search quite a few possible tags and find nothing, even though it seems like it would already exist.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to suggest improvements to AI as we come up with them. Nothing like bugs where the AI just stops working or something, just things we think the citizens (and perhaps other forms of AI in the game) could do better.

I had one suggestion myself, so far, to do with job priority. It seems that certain jobs type are inherently valued higher than others. This is why citizens will suspend their construction of a house to pick some berries, chop some trees, or cut up stones, but not so much to collect things out and about and put them into stockpiles. This is fine in itself, but it does lead to somewhat awkward situations where they stop building a house, move over to pick berries, and then walk away empty-handed, leaving the picked berries lying there by the bushes, on their way back to the house they’re building right next to the stockpile they could otherwise have quickly dropped the berries off in. See the below video, 6:45.

In short, perhaps job priority could be weighted based on distance and planned out better with the pathing, etc.? I suppose this could be tricky given that you don’t want any given citizen to plan too many tasks ahead, because things can change along the way, but, well, it should still be possible. These cool quads plan ahead a bit and then just update their plan every 20 ms.