Nice work on AI Priorities

I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere in the patch notes, but I want to give props to the team for improvements in AI priorities.

Before, the farmers would give priority to tilling the land over planting crops. If you had a lot of untilled fields they would till them all before they ever planted a crop. Now they till a patch of soil and then immediately plant the crop if that patch is eligible.

Before, you could disable a category in a stockpile and the unwanted stuff would be left there for some time. Now they hussle to clear it out of the stockpile, even if they have nowhere to put it, freeing up space in the stockpile expeditiously.

Before, the hearthlings would build the columns of a building and then add one level of wall at a time around the entire circumference of the building. Now they’ll keep working on the nearest wall until it is done before moving onto the next section of wall.

I haven’t noticed any other little priority improvements, but I appreciate what I’ve seen so far.


Thanks! :slight_smile: The improvements are in some sense, a move towards more use of the bfs pathfinder, and away from structured AI tasks. We’ll see how it plays out. :slight_smile:


Wow, that all sounds amazing! I can’t wait to try out the latest unstable build.