Sudden crash after a while


[The Game crashes randomly after about 10-30 Minutes of Play]

stonehearth.log (659.4 KB)


[I don’t seem to have a crash.dmp]

Versions and Mods:

[Should be 1.1; I am Using: Tilys Huge Chests, Craft your own dusty Tomes, Even more Start Hearthlings, Kai Monkeys Traits 3.51, Beam Hearthling Stats Customization, Settlement Decor, Better Storage, Autoharvest, Extra Map Options adn ACE]

System Information:

Win 10, Intel® UHD Graphic, Laptop Monitor

**Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here: I have attempted most of the mentioned Steps there in my first effort to even get Stonehearth started. The only thing i have not on right this second is the Compatability mode. But It also mainly seems to refer to crashing on start, which is not what my game does.

Better storage does not work with ace

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Oh, I did not know! Thank you very much

Took a bit longer this time, but still crashed… Though it could just be that the game really takes it out of my laptop

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It could also be related to Kai Monkey’s traits, since some of the traits change a bit of things that might cause issues (like default jobs or different bodies);

Also, if you’re experiencing performance issues, one thing that can help prevent crashes is playing on the slowest speed :merry: Annoying, I know :forlorn: But it helps since the ticks being slower means less processing over time :jubilant:

We have lots of other interesting tips for improving game’s performance in our Discord Server (ACE), if you’re there - make sure to read the FAQ :merry:

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That seems to have done the trick! i have ejected monkey traits and am playing on low speed and it is running a lot smoother and a lot longer then before. i think the last vestiges of crashing or freezing are simply the strain it puts on my poor little lappy

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