Crash after 10 minutes,i need help please..!


Hi, I have a problem with Stonehearth on my backup, I tried to defend my city to prevent my homes from moving one day which allowed me to spend another day without crash, and do you have an idea s 'please?


Stonehearth.log (MediaFire)

I don’t found the folder named crash, i have only crash_reporter.exe …

Versions and Mods:

[ I playing with the latest version of Stone Hearth I have the mods: ACE, Extra Map options (Small), Beam, and Lock of Many Hair)

System Information:

[Laptop: Windows 10 Family, GTX 950m 4 heart, i5 4210h, 8GB ram)

I currently have 19 stonehearths, this is my third game launched, and this is the first time that I crash, I have the impression that this happens when I select my 30 berry bushes to harvest …

(Sorry i don’t speak english, i use the translator because my english is very poor)

This log file does not show a crash, as far as I can tell. If you run the game after the crash, the file will be overwritten, which is what may have happened here.

We are an international community, so if you write in your language in addition to the translation someone who speaks it may be able to help you.


Hi and Thanks for you reply @max99x,
It is a pleasure to know that I can write in my native language!

Bonjour, je rencontre un problème avec mon jeu Stonehearth, il m’est impossible de poursuivre ma partie car mon jeu plante en cours de jeu, j’en suis qu’au début mais j’ai pris mon temps pour construire un village et j’aimerais savoir pourquoi ma partie crash en cours de jeu ?

J’ai essayer de mettre ma ville en position défensive pour voir si c’était un problème de colon dû à un trajet et j’ai réussi à tenir 1 jour de plus mais le crash revient le jour suivant(en jeu), j’ai essayer d’appliquer ce que j’ai pu voir lors de mes recherches internet mais je semble limité quand à la compréhension de mon problème.

J’ai l’impression que mon problème survient quand je me met à collecter ma trentaine de buissons de baies au pied de mon village qui se situe en montagne.

Je viens de suivre le conseil de @max99x qui m’a suggérer de relancer une partie pour pouvoir fournir les bons logs et de ne pas en relancer une autre car cela provoque une réecriture du fichier.

Je précise que mon jeu crash instantanément, il se ferme d’un seul coup comme si j’avais cliquer sur la croix de ma fenêtre, je n’ai aucun écran noir ni rien.

Dans la barre d’informations de Ace, j’ai “astar” qui monte à 70%.

Voici le nouveau fichier:

stonehearth.log (143.8 KB)

Je remercie d’avance toute personne pouvant me fournir de l’aide pour mon plaisir vidéoludique personnel! :innocent:

EDIT: Il y a beaucoup de “jeu”… :laughing:

Unfortunately that log doesn’t show any more info. If you can upload the savegame file, I could try reproducing the issue. The high “astar” CPU usage means that a lot of path finding is happening, but should not produce crashes.

Hello @ max99x,

Thank you for your intervention and your explanations, Here is a copy of my current backup file:

the file name: 1584532314374





Hmm. I loaded that savegame and let it run in the background, and it hasn’t crashed or produced errors after 4 ingame days. That included harvesting the bushes that you mentioned several times.

One possible reason for an immediate crash could be running out of RAM. On my machine the game used about 2.7 GB for this town. When you are running it, does your machine have free RAM, according to the Windows Task Manager?

Hi @max99x and thanks for your feedback !

Everything seems normal, I tried in parallel to play for more than a day and I had no cut … I don’t understand anything anymore.

Here is a screenshot showing the use of Stonehearth in game speed x2 after 5min:
Stonehearth.bmp (3.0 MB)
and after 20min, the memory up to 78% and i don’t have any crash today…

I will try to play stonehearth for 1 hour to night and I will keep you informed of further crash issues.

I’ll be back… and I’m back, I don’t see any worries anymore so I don’t understand anything anymore.

4 days ago I had 3 crashes 3 times when I launched my game, and everything magically went back to normal …

I think that the problem was “solved” by itself … Thank you @ max99x and I am sorry to have made you waste time.


EDIT: SMILE! The … Smiley to make the exchange less cold … :jubilant: :jubilant: :jubilant: :jubilant: THANKS !!! :jubilant: :jubilant: :merry:

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