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Hey everyone, the all day stream has started on Twitch! Come join the magic. Stonehearth Twitch


Mac version will be available later today. :slight_smile: On the Steam Unstable branch. Password: perseverance

library - right click on stonehearth - settings - beta and there insert perseverance - now you can select macOS in the dropdown - instructions courtesy of @Wiese2007





Angelo is planning to provide details at 13:00 PDT / 20:00 UTC on the live stream.


That part when Allie starts crying :sob:


macOS version is available?

About bloody time! :grinning:


Just a warning and please don’t shoot the messenger. They’ve had some issues with some macs connecting. They’ve gotten some connected, but others don’t…here’s hoping you can connect!!!


Doesn’t really matter, the evidence is there. Team StoneHearth are making good at least one porting promise :slightly_smiling_face:

And just about on time too.


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YAY!!! :jubilant:


What a ride. As I said in the stream and will repeat now. The developers are amazing and I’m glad I was able to at least catch the tail-end of all of this. I love all of you developers and I hope you all have a great future ahead. We’ll keep the Hearth warm while you’re gone. :slight_smile:


For those of us who could only poke our heads in for a little bit throughout the day, can someone summarize any news, things anyone in the team will be doing next, any surprises, etc? TIA!


I think this was the most important bit: I love this dev team


They are working on compiling an art book and soundtrack for Stonehearth. They were pretty tight lipped about what they’d be working on next. Too soon to spill any details, which made my heart sing knowing there was indeed something there.

I was happy to hear the group wasn’t completely splitting up, as I was under the impression they’d be dispersing. With that said, today is @max99x and @Sweet last day :glum:. Max said he’d be taking a vacation for a few months then going to work for an Indie. Nikki mentioned lots of packing as she’s relocating, I may have missed if she said specifically what she’d be doing. Here’s wishing them both the very best!!! Still not sure what’s up with @not_owen_wilson. Dunno if he’ll still be around or if he’s moved on.

We had the moment @paulthegreat posted above of the devs. Max dressed up like an RC character, complete with forehead tattoo. After running away screaming, Anji the Horrendous plucked up his courage to face a pack of wolves. :skull_and_crossbones: RIP Anji the Horrendous :skull_and_crossbones: @Kythandra shared another amazing build we got to see on stream. Angelo and Justin played a multiplayer game highlighting @AndrealVox and @OwlGo’s [Mod] Box O’ Vox [A24] . @micheal_handy76_mh and @Wiese2007 gave us some tidbits from the upcoming ACE project. The sheep had several raves.


Anji’s legend is now eternal and no one can stop it :merry:

Rare tier 3 buyable statue added to ACE as an easter egg :jubilant:


A Goblin statue is that huge? No wait, ain’t that dwarves beneath it?


Both :smiley:

The goblin is 1.5x larger than a regular goblin (just like the knight statue it was based upon, which is also 1.5x larger than a regular hearthling) and yes, added to that we have dwarves underneath it, not hearthlings ^^


And that one is for all of Team Radiant (mainly @sdee) :merry:

A new exotic pet has arrived for the tier 3 traders!


(totally not working today, just still being emotional and doing silly stuff)


Splitting hairs, I know, but all denizens of Hearth are Hearthlings, are they not? :slight_smile: