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Of course :merry:
Just meant it like emphasizing that it is indeed a shorter being and not the usual height we’re used to with the other hearthlings :3


Can’t believe it took this long for wombats to get into the game. Can we harvest raw cuteness from them?

If you ever need tribal wombats I should still have these tucked away somewhere.


Dwarf : Human = Wombat people : Rabbit people ?!?

(in other words, perhaps wombat people could be a re-skin for the Dwarf race, for if/when someone creates a race that re-skins Humans as Rabbits to enable a full Clan Amberstone town?)


Don’t really need a re-skin :slight_smile: There’s already a half functional amberstone clan faction mod and it’s only a matter of time before someone makes a fully fledged, working with unique quest and all one :slight_smile:

Same for those wonderful tribal wombats :smiley: Can’t wait for the Wombat Clan mod :slight_smile:


And in thst case: inb4 wombat-combat!


Mammoth people : Ogre
Yeah, I have those as well. :wink: Both the wombats and the mammoths would have to be shopped up before use though. And the mammoth should preferably have it’s own rig to allow for some trunk related awesomeness.


You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you :slight_smile:


I finally got one! So freaking giddy with excitement lol