Stonhearth Soundtrack

Hey guys.
I just wanted to ask if there is anyone responsible for the soundtrack right now? I am currently working on the original soundtrack for Terasology and I could compose a soundtrack for stonehearth too.

The Terasology Symphony (currently work in progress):

Terasology Volume 2 (containing situational pieces):

I wouldn’t take any money for the soundtrack, so you got actually more money for the retaining development :smiley:


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@Chrisk i dont know who on the team might be heading up the soundtrack efforts, but they’ve had lots of wonderful submissions from other folks in the community… as soon as i can trick the firewall into letting me access soundcloud, i’ll certainly listen to yours as well! :smiley:

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Hello Stonehearth :slight_smile:

I’m the project lead for Terasology and have had the honor to work with Chris on his amazing soundtrack for our game. I wanted to post just to give him my strongest recommendation as a composer. It is incredible how much high quality music he can put together even in a short amount of time. He has even been approached for paid RL work in part based on references to his work for us, and has a growing studio of live musicians to help record pieces / samples.

Here’s a link to his entire volume I soundtrack just to add it in: Terasology - Volume 1 (Original Soundtrack) by Chris Köbke | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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@Cervator thanks so much for the recommendation, as well as the reminder to revisit @Chrisk’s tracks… :slight_smile:

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Welcome and thanks for sharing. What sort of music ideas do you have for Stonehearth?

(I’m listening to your music as I write and it is very lovely. I’ve never heard of Terasology, but I am getting an idea of the type of game it might be from the music.)

Many people have shared their soundtrack ideas and creations in this thread. There are many examples of compositions, discussion on what type of music tracks we all think should go into Stonehearth, and some brainstorming on how music might fit into the gameplay.

To stick up for composers out there struggling to make a living on a lifetime worth of dedication I’m going to share a famous quote in the industry: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur.” Chris, I can only imagine what you’ll be able to do in 5-10 years musically if you keep growing and practicing your writing, but don’t forget to practice your public and private business etiquette as well.

I like the music.