StoneVox 3D - Community Voxel Modeler for StoneHearth


Hi Everyone, :slight_smile:

I am super excited to tell you the new version of StoneVox is on it’s way soon.

Here is what I have left to do before it’s release :wink:

  • UI
  • Code clean up

Really the project came unexpectedly as a lot more work than I had initially anticipated. But finally things have come together and I am very very happy with the results.

I’ll do more of a formal post for the actual first release but… :wink:

Lets just say, if you can open this behemoth and his some 5,237,400 voxels in 2 seconds… wait um do I have to say anymore :slight_smile: .

by @Hyrule_Symbol - Golem

Thanks for your time


That angle though :smile:

By the way, SV use to barely open it with only the Torso, Head, Shoulders and the Waist.
and that took like… 30+ seconds


How’s that compare to Qubicle?

Looking forward to the new release!


The improvements :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t own Qubicle so I can’t quote it’s speed…

Here are the facts

  • Golem has 43 matices
  • All matices are 70x58x30
  • Grand total is 43 * (705830) = 5,237,400 possibly voxels

StoneVox parses the .qb in usually under .4 of a second… which is really fast. The rest of the time is spent later when Opengl and managed C# decide finally to work together and allocate the needed memory. This process is really slow, accounting for 2/3’s the loading time.

I plan to reduce the memory footprint even more… which means loading time in this area will improved even more.

One thing to take note of is Qubicle is well flushed out… having tons of features that work together. SV is more or less “just open the file” and sit there. There are a few things going on but nothing like Qubicle. This is where Qubicle might fail behind… but makes up for it with great features ;).

Also another thing to note is this is not the finished version of StoneVox… I may have to change something that pushes performance back a bit. Who knows :wink:

Overall though you can’t even compare this version to the old StoneVox… any step in the right direction is one I am happy with, this one just so happens to be a big one :slight_smile:


Yours has a pretty big advantage though… It doesn’t take a couple hours to remember all the commands (consistently) and for most ppl it is perfect for what we need :smile: . The only feature I know 100% about Cubicle is the 'F’key is your friend (tried the free version) it is good once you get used to it.


can you add a grid to show where the model is?


“Like I said in my first e-mail you may use QB as soon as Q2 is out, which just happend so feel free to do as you please.” -Tim


Could I get a link :wink:

Creating a stonehearth animation (video)


The Color Palette - when dropping in a file to edit (I don’t know if you can do this) all the colors currently used in the Model gets loaded in the color palette area.

I know we can point click a cube and bring up that color, just think it would be a nice addition if you get around to it.


Is there a way to import existing items from stonehearth? Basically I would want to do something like, make more variants on tapestries and other decorative items, But I would want the scale and look to be consistent


Yes StoneVox fully supports Stonehearth models.

  1. Navigate to you mod’s folder (here is a list of possible paths… most likely the first one)
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\mods
  • C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\mods
  1. open up stonehearth.smod with any archiver.
  • WinRAR is very good but not free
  • 7-Zip does it all and is free
  • (basically the stonehearth.smod is a .zip file)
  1. once you have the .smod open…
  • navigate to stonehearth\entities\decoration
  • That is where most of the decoration items you’ll be looking for are
  • Just poke around through the folders till you find what you are looking for :wink:
  1. Now the file you are looking for is a .qb file
  • .qb’s store the 3d information SH uses to create the shape and color of objects in the game
  • These will be the files you will open in StoneVox, and edit to your liking
  • Simply drag and drop the file to your desktop or any folder you’d like
  1. Finally, open the .qb file in StoneVox
  • Start-up StoneVox
  • Drag and drop the .qb file into StoneVox
  1. Have fun modeling and making your changes… :smile:
  • Files you save in StoneVox will be found in the export folder inside StoneVox’s main folder

Getting it in game

This will take some effort on your part, but is very rewarding seeing your items in game, and sharing them with the community :slight_smile:

Here are some tutorials to get you going in the right direction

I also have some sample mods, which cover all sorts of topics

I’d also recommend downloading various other mods, new and old, open them up and see what you can figure out. One of the greatest learning resources is another’s work :wink:

If you pursue modding the items you create into the game and run into trouble, please start a new topic on the discourse describing your concerns. We have many community member’s who are active and know what they are doing, and all willing to help :wink: .

Best of luck with your work :smile:


So after puttering around your program for a little bit I have some suggestions…
1: an eye dropper tool
2: let us manually type in color values
3. change/fill. Ie change all of color x into color y
4. a larger color pallet with saved colors

The way you move the camera around is kinda awkward. Not really sure how you would improve it though.


Not sure if the dev of this tool is still alive but for info, I got and error on launch on OS X 10.10.4:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: StoneVox3D-0/0/6/jar
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: StoneVox3D-0.0.6.jar
	at Method)
	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
	at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(


#StoneVox Re-release#

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

As the title says, yes the new version of StoneVox is finally here. I’ve been kinda quietly working on it now and then when I’ve had the time. Things in my life are starting to slow down, so i felt now is a good time to get back into the community and back officially on StoneVox.

So what has changed…

##Tech Stuff##

  • StoneVox now uses C# with OpenTK
  • OpenGL requirement is now 3.2
  • .NET 4.0 is also required (see download section if you have questions)
  • Around 53,000 lines of code were added for this release, lol :wink:
  • NO Building Restrictions… freely model continuously in one direction if you want :wink:
  • General Stability Improvements and Error Catching


  • Memory Footprint has been Reduced to Basically Nothing :sunglasses:
  • Support for Multiple Files Open at the Same Time
  • Very Fast Loading of .qb Files. If you remember @Hyrule_Symbol’s golem, this version opens it in around 350 milliseconds :blush:
  • Voxels can now be Edited by Volume (changing large chunks of voxels at a time)
  • Some Basic Tools to Move Matrices Around
  • General Performance Increase, Especially in Regards to GUI Rendering.

##Aditional Features##

  • StoneVox now has it’s own File Type, .svp (StoneVox Project File)
  • Color Picker got a Huge Overhaul and is now based on RGB/HSV Color Conversions
  • Few Rendering Options to Display Grids Over Voxels
  • File Browsing Dialogs for Opening and Saving Files :wink:
  • Camera Positions itself correctly when Opening Files
  • Great Camera Translations when Selecting Matrices
  • More Support/Handling for Different Screen Resolutions and DPI Settings
  • UI was re-designed a bit to make it easier to use

Voxel Editing in Action##

just cause :wink:

bit of artifacting from the program i used to make the .gif :frowning:

Basically where you click down first is the starting location, next where you move the mouse is the ending location. From there a 3d volume is created (using those points), and depending on the voxel tool you are using, different actions are preformed to voxels within that volume. Finally releasing the mouse commits your changes to the model.

##What’s Next##

Well lots… :wink:

Overall I’ve very happy with this version of StoneVox, but there’s still challenges and things to be done and improved. I’ve included a kind of “what I’m working on” in the “Planned Features” section of the original topic post. I’ll be keeping this up to date but it may not be 100% accurate all the time. And of course if there is a feature that is important to you, feel free to let me know ;).

Finally, I’d just like to say I absolutely have intentions of continuing this project. Please don’t take my disappearance as a lack of interest in the community, StoneHearth, or this project :wink:

As usual thanks for your time :slight_smile:


wow!Good, and finally the update. Very much looking forward to the new version of the function, which is very helpful for the production of mod!


That sound very good! Will test it as soon a possible…


Yay! you’re back!

Nice Update you’ve brought there! Mass voxel manipulation was one of the biggest features QC was laking, and now since we have this!; we have a good program to reach for a little bit of help

If you need me to test something for the program, i’d be more than Happy to help!


you came just when i was thinking on mod a little

Edit. This is what i was trying to do

Edit 2: after some time using the stonevox i have a big problem now. i closed the program and now i can’t load any qb or svp files


Sorry @flpsantoss, missed your edit. Discourse doesn’t notify edits :frowning:

Off the top of my head, really the only way I can think of that would stop SV from loading files is if the file is somehow corrupt… (like a bug in the saving code).

If you’d like to, you can PM me the files… if it is some sort of file corruption I may be able to correct it by hand, it’d also help me hunt down the potential bug.

Also can StoneVox on your computer open .qb’s from StoneHearths files?
If not, then I’d like to rule at something is wrong with StoneVox’s files… could you re-download StoneVox and try again.

Again sorry for not getting back to you earlier


First, don’t mind, i already did the models again, not much lost.

Second, i will pm you the 2 files i was unable to load.

3° i see that after one file fail to load i was unable to load any other file