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#StoneVox - Loading Bug Fix#

Hi Everyone, :smile:

A New version of StoneVox is available for download.


Loading issues caused by files saved when matrices are marked as invisible.

Sidenote - This version of StoneVox will be able to open any bugged files effected by this issue that you might have. :wink:

Also thanks to @flpsantoss for bringing this bug to my attention. It was a rather silly one, but serious.


idk why but

im getting warned if i try to start this programm…


first why its german? second its saies it has blocked the programm because he doesnt know it and you doesnt use is often … just use the link “dei app-berechtigung ändern” and allow it.


its german becouse my system language is german :smiley:

so Maleware!DeepGuard.a is not bad? for me it seems like f-secure detectet some bad content in this programm or am i wrong?


It’s probably a false positive. There shouldn’t be anything malicious, but your antivirus program thinks it is for some reason, so you’ll have to find out how to add it is an exception or turn off your antivirus while using it.


it could be the fact that its an unknown program, and not widely used, so the anti-virus is stopping it from downloading, regardless of the fact that the program is safe, because its never heard of the program or the program creator.

at least thats the case for me whenever i go to download an unknown program like stonevox.

(hopefully my wording makes sense)


Author, hello!I am a player from China.I opened a stone stove Chinese communityI want to give you the tools you finishedAnd now tell you.



this Program is good ,heck great even but it missing one thing which is merging
why cant i combine this 2 models into one even tho theres already a layer system in this.



Just want to say that I have been using this program for all my models and find it really good, looking forward to seeing more of it develop! ^^


Hey! Just popping in to say thanks for making this and to give an example of what I’ve been doing with it:


Great work, the link in the first post the latest version of SV?
This tool opens a gate to love Stonehearth much more than before.
Anyone can open a model from the stonehearth.smod as an example of size and relation in StoneVox 3D, in order to realize his idea or modify existing elements such as eg. The color of the beautiful flower boxes.

recoler the window_box_brightbell_fine.qb


Are there any plans to continue on this tool? How can we animate with this? What software should we use otherwise?


Look at the first post…


This software is way out of date, and Qubicle now has a free version you can use for modelling. Animating can be done in Blender or 3D Max


Did not know we could use qubicle for free for modding.

Will try it out, what’s the name of the free version?


Hahah it’s Constructor I believe, but you can very easily find out if you go to the website


I’m only seeing the demo, which only lets you export to .qbcl instead of the .qb files Stonehearth reads.


I use MagicaVoxel for modelling - free of charge.
I know “many” users here prefer VoxelShop, another free software for modelling.

And, as @Wharp say, you could use Blender for a free animating software.


Can you please link that free version? I could not find it anywhere.


you sir are amazing, thanks for working on such a tool! :grinning: