Stonehearth @ YouTube & Twitch (Channel Overview)
I play Minecraft and some BTD5. I plan on playing the Stonehearth Alpha 1 when it comes out!

Added you to the list @Beastmaster.

@voxel_pirate I don’t think many will care of even click the link to my channel, but if you could update the channel description to something that more describes what I do it would be nice :smile:

I will update that text on my channel some day, when I wrote it I just uploaded stuff to show my friends. Nowdays it’s a serious, growing and subscriber-close gaming channel.

New text:
Inspiring gaming: tutorials, creative builds and let’s plays.

Sure, already done. I guess all of this channels will be more of interest once we hit Alpha 1.


It will be really fun, but since we won’t have much of content in Alpha 1 there won’t be much to do for us “normies”, most of the “first impression” videos will probably look the same :wink: You modders will hopefully have a good time though!

Yes, that might be true. However, I hope “we modders” can motivate “you normies” to join our club :wink: Everything I have seen so far does not require studies in rocket science to do some basic modding in Stonehearth. At least you can also review some of the mods which will be released.

P.S. I am curious who will be able to deliver new content faster… Team Radiant or we :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. For sure I will start working on my Chronicle-Mod with on day one.


Nothing wrong with the motivation, I’m just not a code writer these days (10 years ago I was though…), so nowdays I’m happy if I can write a rather basic ComputerCraft program. Hopefully I will get back into uC programming during work hours, and perhaps then I will consider taking it to the next level at home as well :smile:

But I’m up for trying out different mods, they are a big reason why I backed the project! Feel free to use me as tester for Chronicle-mod! :thumbsup:

Here was my first SH video. I was asking people to help vote it up on Steam’s Green Light and if they could donate some money on KS. As you can already tell this was a while back.

Here is my channel: YouTube
It has animations and music all about stonehearth!

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Also planning to stream:

Hi! I have a Spanish Youtube gamer channel, and I will do Stonehearth videos in that language every week since the release of the Alfa 1. I did a preview in streaming yet.

Hola! Tengo un canal de Youtube en español dedicado a los videojuegos, y voy a hacer vídeos de Stonehearth en ese idioma todas las semanas desde la release de la Alfa 1. Ya he hecho una preview en directo del juego.

Preview: YouTube

Channel: La Ventana de Tyrant - Trailer

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Youtube Channel
Twitch Channel

I play a lot of different games but you can expect frequent videos of Stonehearth, streams will happen later when more features come into the game as well as, most importantly, save option.

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Thanks, much appreciated!

Hey Hey, Our channel will be following Stonehearth as it progresses. We already have a video out covering the initial release and will be keeping close tabs on things in future videos. Make sure to check out our current video here: YouTube

… also added your channel @Alchemy69.

Danke! Much appreciated.

hey @voxel_pirate … im not sure if there are any new ones to be scarfed from here, but i thought you might want to take a look, just in case… it looks like most of them are already in your list (at first glance)…

Here’s mine. General gaming. Minecraft and Stonehearth, Brand new channel. Thank you!