Stonehearth wont launch (steam)


Hello, i just bought the game but it really frustrates me that i cant even launch the game.
I have updated my drivers and disabled anti virus programs.

2018-10-06 09:37:35.338376 | server | 1 | app | Stonehearth Version (x64)
2018-10-06 09:37:35.338376 | server | 1 | core.config | user id is 9c4ace01-7e9d-4d4f-8aef-24cfc15bb557
2018-10-06 09:37:35.342378 | server | 1 | core.config | session id is f6af79d9-5874-4ad4-b03d-c57a729b2fbb
2018-10-06 09:37:35.342378 | server | 0 | app | Steam present.
2018-10-06 09:37:35.342378 | server | 0 | core.system | Initializing crash reporter

I am a new player

Im playing version 1.0

Windows 10 laptop, Intel pentium N4200 HD graphics (yeah i know)

Yes i did

Hi sluushenk!
Sorry to hear it insta crashed on you, I’m assuming thst above code is from your crash.Log file from the stonehearth steam folder? Is that all of it? It looks… Short?

I think i know the problem my pentium is 1.1 :frowning:

That highly likely is the problem then, yes :’) stonehearth is rather processor hungry.

That’s likely the problem, yes :thinking:

Does Steam say that the game is Running? Or did you see it go back to not playing, before you opened up the log?