Stonehearth uses wrong videocard?

Hey guys!

My laptop has two videocards, one which is normally being used for games and one for the low-end stuff! Now I noticed when I was fooling around in my settings from Stonehearth that stonehearth uses the low end one…

Which got me wondering… what if my laptop does this little trick with more of my games! Which would explain the sometimes low framerate I get on games.

How can I check this/configure this? (Some games have an in game option to choose a vid card, for example guild wars 2)

Edit: I know the Geforce card isn’t that great either. But it sure is better than the intregrated one.

You need to go into your BIOS and prioritize the PCI-E input over the onboard one. Never done it on a laptop but I think it should be the same

Hmmm, is it risky to do it as someone who hasn’t got a lot of exp. in changing changes through BIOS? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always reset the settings so its not a big deal. Laptop BIOS is pretty limited anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, I’ll try it immediately!

Sorry for the double post, but I just got back.
It shows me two options :

Changable Graphics
UMA Graphics

Put Changeable as #1, UMA as #2. :wink:

UMA shows you shared memory between the onboard graphics and your laptop so I assume that has something to do with the integrated chip so you should probably do what legend suggested :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the other graphics card you’re using?

You might be able to designate Stonehearth to use your dedicated graphics card without delving into the BIOS.

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He should still always prioritize the graphic card over the chip, otherwise its a waste :frowning:

Hey, thanks for the replies, in the BIOS I couldn’t give any prioritites, but I could choose. I chose changable. you can see my cards in the pictures above :smiley:

Intel HD graphics 4000
Geforce GT 635M

Ah my mistake.

If you have the NVIDIA control panel you can designate Stonehearth to run with your dedicated card.

I appreciate that, but some people might not feel comfortable delving into their BIOS.

That’s like being a cook and afraid to ask where did his food come from. I believe everyone who use computers on a daily basis (I assume a person who bought an alpha game does that) should know the basics of both hardware and software of their pc :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, like I said, my BIOS only gave me the options (regarding to graphics) Changeable or UMA… But I figured changeable was what I needed. I’ll check to see what I can do with the NVIDIA control panel.

You might find this useful I appreciate it’s Windows 7 on Lenovo but the principle’s there.

That would be nice wouldn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got it figured out, still thanks for the link though! Thanks everyone ^^ Thread can be closed!

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