Graphics card problems

Hello guys i hope someone can help me with this

Stonehearth wont use my graficscard at all. it is only using some on bord graficchip, wich is quite annoying because i cant realy play the game like that because its quite laggy.
my grapicscard:
AMD Radeon R7 M265

This probably means that you have your screen plugged into your motherboard rather than your graphics card

are you sure?
because all other games i tried are using my graphics card.
is there any way i can fix that without taking my laptop completly apart?
thx for your answer :smiley:

Go to your card settings and try to manually set it there.

I think in task manager in newer win10 versions it is also possible to set what card to use.

Can you not just disable the onboard chip?

i did disabled the onbord chip and updated my graphicscard driver.
wenn i tried to start the game it would not start and would show the error message:
could not find openGL
press ok to go to to lern how to upgrade your grapiccard drivers
afer i pressed ok i of coure visited the website which did not help me at all.
in the settings of my graphicscard i could not find an option to enable my gpu for stoneheart

Try using the AMD cleanup tool and completely scrub the drivers, then reinstall them. Worth a try.

Yo tambiƩn tengo ese problema pero no se si tu ya lo pudiste reparar para ayudarme