Potential Fix for Stonehearth using Integrated GPU over Onboard GPU

TL;DR plug your game monitor into the GPU on the back of the PC and not the CPU’s ports.
So I just spent the last two hours wracking my brain trying to find out why Stonehearth continues launching with my CPU’s Intel UHD 630 graphics card instead of my GeForce RTX 2080, and god it was a mess.
The typical replies included checking the Nvidia Control Panel to set Stonehearth to run on a certain GPU, which I suggest trying if you haven’t already; my Nvidia Control Panel didn’t have the option to do so at all, the dropdown menu plain wasn’t there. Other things I tried were running through my BIOS settings to ensure my onboard GPU was loaded first, as perhaps Stonehearth was simply loading with whatever GPU was parsed first, but I was unable to set those kinds of settings in my BIOS, I also suggest trying this if the Control Panel option didn’t work for you.
What I finally got around to was noticing a single wayward comment on some Reddit thread which had nothing to do specifically with Stonehearth or Nvidia cards, but it was a brain blast moment for sure. I’m using two displays, and as such I have two HDMI cords plugged into two different spots on my PC. Turns out, my main monitor, which I use for my games, was plugged into the HDMI port on my motherboard, and my side monitor that I use for browsing and Discord was plugged into the GPU’s HDMI port.
I didn’t even think about that when hooking the things up originally, I just saw two HDMI holes and plugged HDMI cords into them. But alas, and this has fixed a similar issue I had with Space Engineers only using my CPU’s graphics driver as well, simply plugging my main monitor into the GPU’s HDMI port ensured that any application launched on my main monitor ran with my main GPU.
If you, like me, have exhausted too much time and effort into figuring out a problem with graphics driver selection, please check where your display is connected and if possible, plug it into the section of your PC where your dedicated GPU is.

Putting the correct thing in the correct hole is important in many aspects of life not just computers