Stonehearth Timeline (an outsiders perspective)

The Stonehearth devs clearly have stuff up their collective sleeves. Months ago they told us that the First Public Release (FPR) would have crafting and building. It was left unsaid at the time the extent of the modding system that would be in play. Now that has been revealed, and the FPR is declared as having Crafting, Building, Modding, and possible gameplay elements as an attacking and defending system that does not involve direct combat from the settlers. Tony and Tom’s private back and forth on the live stream also confirms that they have not revealed all that will be released in the FPR.

I don’t write this to berate them, rather I’m pleased with their cunning and desire to release a product that will blow people away and create great word of mouth because people are so pleased with what they got. So while I’d like to line out what the next 2-3 months looks like (from an outsiders perspective) I’m in no way disparaging their work. And because this is from memory I could be wrong about anything.

So what does the next phase look like? From memory, here are all the things I know about that should happen between now and Dec 31st. This is written as different timelines, which will be explained below.

Timelines: Oct----31-Nov--------------------31-Dec---------------31
Timeline A                     1                     2
Timeline B                                                 1
Timeline C                                           1 2 3

Timeline A: Youtuber timeline. While we don’t know the private agreements with the Youtubers we do know what was said about those agreements during the kickstarter. It was clearly alluded to, that they would get some advanced copies/builds prior to release and be able post video hyping the upcoming release (as if we need more hype, of course the hype is for those who have not seen this yet). The “1” and “2” indicate possible release times.

Timeline B: The one we are all waiting for… First Public Release. I presume this will be a Windows release, I do not know if Mac and Linux follow closely.

Timeline C: This is the most speculative. From now until they begin testing the software as an all-in-one package is the continuation of building the core application and the initial world, building, and crafting mods, the mod engine, etc. I think they are going to sneak in some other things as well that for now we can only speculate at. Food seems to be cosmetic in the first release and combat (as we might think about it) as well. What I have numbered here are the “Release Builds”. I presume (because I am a software engineer) that they will do small private releases to testing teams to hit a wider variety of hardware than they have on hand or can simulate in their dev shop.

Are there details I missed (surely), are there other timelines I did not think of? What would you add to this?


yes… yes you are… its no longer the first public release (FPR), but is now affectonally referred to as the preview release (PR)… get your facts straight! :tongue:

good analysis though… :smile:

for timeline a, i believe @Tom most recently commented on the youtube folks getting a client (at most) 1-2 weeks prior to the PR… so, if that drops in very early Dec, then the youtubers might get that copy towards the tail end of Nov (if that’s what your timeline is depicting)…

timeline b, yeah… i think its been mentioned that the first clients will be windows… with mac/linux to follow at some point…

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If I recall right they said right from the start that the plan for the first release is to include housing, crafting and a modification interface. Regarding the YouTube-Channels Tom mentioned that this will be not too much ahead of the release, like 1 week prior.

I guess you are right that there will be some additional “goodies” hiding in the release version. My guess would be also that we will see only a windows version during large parts of the beta. However, not sure how complex it will be to port it to other platforms based on the chosen setup. Maybe it is much easier than I think and we will see support for other platforms rather soon.

From what I understand, the biggest issue at the moment is the new building-system. My very biased view…

  • Modding was already addressed in the last weeks with many approaches re-written.
  • Crafting looks pretty in-line with the release window (profession- and crafting-system looks to be in and working).
  • Terrain generation looks pretty good (not too concerned with a dedicated headcount working on it).
  • Team started to work on “cosmetics” and necessary additions (like wider appearance of settlers, animation of wildlife).

So, my only concern at the moment is the building-system. The change actually was caused by the question how easy it is to mod it later on. While that’s a good point, the team was working for quite some time on the “old approach”. I just hope it is not to much work to adjust it.

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T minus 56
My guess :blush:

Ah, good, yes that does modify the timeline. From what you say, it will probably be late Nov, early Dec before any Youtubers get a copy. I would also say that completely private in-house testing of the whole package would occur the previous week to the Youtubers and external private small team testing at the same time as the Youtubers. Of course, just guesses, but based on 15 years of software engineering.

right, and of course based on the best/earliest possible scenario… :wink:

we might not see the PR until 11:59:59 on Dec 31st… which is of course a Tuesday… coincidence? :smile:

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Christmas Eve is also a Tuesday. Pretty good present

Of course it would be a pretty silly time to release it seeing as no one will be around to deal with the inevitable issues and such!

wait a tic… they gave you the day off?

Oh no, I’ll be here, but I get to be really mean and unhelpful on Christmas day so I’m not sure how much of a benefit I will be …


I can see it now…

[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday: THE BUTTON!

In the above picture, you can see me (Tom) with my mouse hovering over the large red button which says “Upload to Steam”. From there, we can hit the NEXT big red button, which says “Publish on Steam”. Now, if you look closely, you will…


My birthday is January 8th, so if the release is postponed and rescheduled for January 7th 23:59, that would probably be one of the best birthday presents ever, directly after the gift of life.

Of course, I still hope it won’t be postponed…

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So I would adjust the timelines like so:

Timelines: Oct----31-Nov----------------31-Dec---------------31
Timeline A    (youtube)                            1
Timeline B    (PR)                                       1
Timeline C    (release builds)                  A  1 2 3

With Timeline A’s build (Youtuber’s build) the same as Timeline C’s “1” build. Timeline C’s “A” build is the final “alpha” build before releasing to both the Youtubers and the private external test teams. Builds “2” and “3” are corrections, revisions, and fixes. Of course, all speculation on my part and wishing the best on team Radiant, that all goes well on their end.

The sad part is that we have to wait for December for the action to start. At least we have the live streams to pass the time.

The good part is that we can all use the time to think about amazing mod-ideas and prepare already a bit. If I think back some months, I had no idea how to animate in Blender, didn’t know that Qubicle exists and Python was ranking as my second most favorit language just after PL1 :wink:.