Stonehearth goes 1.0!


WHAT?! Are you saying I should give up on my HEARTHLINGUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds mod?!
Oh no! :forlorn:

Ohh, gee. Finally some good news. Thanks!


@not_owen_wilson @max99x - will we get the ability to edit finished buildings?


Definitely not in 1.0, and a long shot for 1.1.


Anything we can do to improve the odds? :slight_smile: (hey, worth a shot)


Building Parts Tags
Why is this not possible?

To set only the selected blocks as a roof? the way the game handles it now makes this entire thing become a roof :frowning:


You made the entire thing of blocks, so it thinks it is one thing. One way would be to do it with the room tool, just lower or erase the walls, it would be the same visually and it would already work as floor, wall, roof from the start.


any plans on making the stone bench into same size as the wooden one? the stone one still looks like a chair :frowning:


Guess that’s a work around for now atleast :slight_smile:
More precise selection of tagging would be great and also allow to set a tag while placing blocks


I support this


I think my previous post fits better in this thread:

I’m really not sure how to describe my feelings after the last announcement, that the game is soon considered as a “finished” product. There were alot of promises and I think the game falls short on those at the end, sadly. So when I think about this, my feelings are a mixture of angriness, sadness and frustration. I rarely back kickstarter projects, because the risk of not getting what you expect is big. But I thought Stonehearth will be one of those games that can stick to their promises, especially considered the amount of funds they have gathered. So I jumped in and backed 50$.

But don’t get me wrong, I played the game 119 hours and most of the time I had fun with the game (though there was also alot of frustration thanks to the bugs). But I played these hours and didn’t complain about bugs and crashes because I had this one thing in my mind: The game will develop further, the bugs will be eliminated and at some point the game will reach what was promised.

Right now, the game still feels buggy. It has performance problems (especially in Multiplayer, which was a big promise on kickstarter), the building process still fails at some constructions and many things promised didn’t make it into the game or are badly implemented:

Mac & Linux Port
No Linux Support. Ofc this may not be interesting for 99% of the players, but I think as a programmer you should’ve known before if a linux port is doable (in terms of difficulty) or not. At least you may refund those backers, but it’s like buying a car, waiting 4 years for it and then the company tells you it wont be finished and you just get your money back.

Pirates, Ninjas, Politicians
This is the first where I think to myself: Why didn’t you just ask the community? You have such a big and active community and you could have easily asked the community if this fits into the game or not. At least a comunity vote could’ve helped. But instead, this feature was completely ignored until now and now you’re telling us it won’t come. There may be people who have backed the project just to reach this stretch goal.

Animal Trainer
The same as with pirates, ninjas and politicians. You have a prototype, you could’ve implemented this in another unstable build and let players test it and give feedback on it. Instead, it was just dumped. Very unsatisfying.

Magma Smith
And the list goes on. Another feature that was promised, ignored, never discussed with the community and then dumped. The magma smith could’ve created elemental weapons and materials for the engineer to create elemental traps. And also cool magna-stylized furniture. There are dozens of ideas.

This was the second big milestone stretch goal (after mac & linux support). There were many people who have expected to see this and yet it was dumped like many other features.In this case I think it’s ok, because your vision of the game may have changed, where PvP just didn’t fit anymore. But still, I think it is important to keep promises.

Though this class will come into the game, I fear that it will be very badly implemented. I will talk more about this when it comes to the engineer stretch goal.

I really wonder why especially this stretch goal was so hard to fullfil. As a skilled artist, it shouldn’t be much of a problem to design (for example) a fire elemental that throws fireballs on hearthlings, an ice elemental the is super tanky (similiar to the stone golem) and a wind elemental that man slow down hearthlings or push them around. This is again something that could’ve been discussed with the community.

Though this class is in, I feel like it has no real purpose. I never bother getting an engineer, because a fully equipped knight or archer is just so much more useful then an engineer and the engineer also takes important materials to create his stuff. It’s like the engineer is there, but never really needed. On the other side, all the other jobs fullfil a clearly defined role and are needed very much.

Co-op Multiplayer
This is a big one for me. Multiplayer doesn’t feel finished right now. It’s to unstable, the performance is bad, especially when 2 players have like 25+ hearthlings. I wonder how much will change with 1.0 and 1.1, but I doubt much will happen.

This is a nogo from my perspective. Saying the festivals stretch goal is kinda finished mainly because some modders have created a good mod is simply a nogo. It’s not the job of the community to create stretch goal content. This is something that has to be in the game vanilla!

Alternate Planes
This kinda made me sad. I expected more from the world you have created. Like digging down and finding abandoned dungeons with undeads inside. Finding artifacts in those dungeons etc. Or maybe being able to ascendend to an alternate plane once you reach a certain point in the game. Another feature which could’ve been discussed with the community.

And this is surely the biggest disappointment, especially since it was a strech goal that required 150000$ on top to be reached. And I’m not even talking about the dwarves themselves. Building underground was one of those features MANY people wanted and many expected those features to come with the dwarves. Now that you have abandoned this class, building udnerground civilisation will prove difficult and we have to work around the current available building mechanics to make this possible…

So out of the19 stretch goals that were funded, 12 of them are either not in the game, or are not good implemented.


And now lets get to some of the promises that have nothing to do with the stretch goals:

Job classes:
Where are those jobclasses? You even said you have MANY more planned. Yet the jobtree looks way smaller then what was promised. The marauder was even shown in the first video.

Promised as a feature in the stonehearth kickstarter video. The game should’ve come with many modules and the game should’ve been designed in way so that other players can create modules, which a shared over the network and appear in other peoples game. I’m not seeing that this actually happens in the game and don’t expect to see it in 1.0 or 1.1 as well.

Storytelling and exploring a rich world:
The vision was to create a game that emphasizes storytelling and that motivates the player to explore the world. The story itself has no depth. You beat one monster group and a stronger one comes next. And why should I explore the world? There is nothing to be found anymore. The map is not big and you only find some plants, trees, rocks and bunny statues. And digging underground? Like I said before: You will not find any hidden stuff there. Only stone, clay and ores…

In the video you have shown a minigame for farming as an example. This feature was (in my memory) never discuussed anymore and completely dumped.


So all in all it sadly feels like the game is far away from what was promised / envisioned. And wen reading the news, it just feels like the real reason for not implementing many of the things is just the lack of time and funds. And that’s why I’m kinda angry, sad and frustrated all at the same time. Yeah, I will get over this in the next days, but right now I’m just simply dissappointed.

And don’t get me wrong: I understand your position very well. You miscalculated and overjudged your own abilities to finish the project like envisioned and you now have abandon this project because at some point you need to look forward, since riot won’t endlessly fund this project. So I know you HAVE to do this. But that doesn’t mean I need to be happy about it. Truth to be told, I was expecting something like this some month ago when you introduced multiplayer. The game still felt so far away from your first vision, that I was wondering already “how long are they actually able to work on this project?” and sadly I have my answer now. I know that this wasn’t an easy step, since I guess you knew that this will disappoint many people, but that’s how it is now.

All this said: I wish you guys good luck. The time I have spent with you in the last years wasn’t bad, just the end made me a bit salty.


I see your points, but I did want to make a few comments.

I loved the idea but I wasn’t counting on them ever making it for years now, unfortunately.

I always would’ve loved more enemies. I’m guessing combat just got completely removed from priority after the first overhaul pass, and I think the game’s worse for it.

Completely agreed. This one really hurts me.

The job tree’s totally changed, and maybe it’s better for it. There’s no need for a physician with a herbalist and a cleric. Cooking has replaced brewing. The game mostly has level bonuses instead of as many tiers of jobs, since switching jobs is penalized. Hunting is in the game with the Northern Alliance now. I feel like really, only the Beastmaster/Animal Tamer was scrapped.

And there are a few in the game that aren’t on that list: worker, footman, archer, knight, cleric, engineer, potter, weaver, geomancer, cook.

Would I have liked more jobs? Definitely. But I think the job tree seemed like it was getting more and more set in stone for a while now.

As far as I can tell, at some point modules were replaced with mods. But there are landmarks that appear in the world now, and ways to add new ones with mods.

This does make me sad. Also RIP Dwarves, I wish they would’ve warned us earlier. Now how am I supposed to catch 'em all?

IIRC, before I even played SH, there was a trapper minigame, which was ruled not a good fit and then scrapped. Can’t say I miss it.


If this turns out to not be possible due to bandwidth constraints, can Chris write up a summary of the problem, what he’s done so far, and what his plan would have been for solving it? This will significantly increase the odds that the community can pick up wherever he leaves off.

If he could also include any unfinished, but decently commented source code (assuming it’s not engine-side), that would be hugely helpful too.


I’ll ask, but all the source code is already there.


For the comments about the community picking up dropped or incomplete things:

Already largely in motion, mates. Some moreso than others, as a few - like myself, have more ideas than ability for actually doing so :innocent: . But a lot of the models and the like ARE already in the game files (I’ve torn them apart rather thoroughly, especially with tips on places to look for particular things I wanted to use).

Am I also shocked and a bit sad this is suddenly the end? Of course I am; I’ve come to love the devs and think of them like distant friends/family (the good kind, that’s just too busy to hang out readily). I love the work they already did, even in the face of a lot of complaints and naysaying, which can be really disheartening. I also know from a business standpoint how much/little say they have had in a lot of how things have gone, and their attention being forced to refocus at times.

Yes, there were some follies - the custom engine situation still makes me and my brother wince from a game development standpoint, especially since it was something we considered a few times in game concepts (so, thanks for that lesson). And yes, it really sucks seeing some of the concepts, especially ones that turned up on art streams and the like, end up getting discarded. But as much as I would like those, I stand by the opinion that the devs should use their remaining time to focus on making everything that exists as stable as possible.

The rest of us will keep adding on what we can, as we’re able, when we can. As a labour of love. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s what we have at this point.


i won’t lie, i am super sad and a bit dissapointed
still i will miss all of this so much
don’t really know what to do without desktop thuesday
thanks for the wonderfull time


All the people who backed will get a mod on their Humble Bundle page that will allow them to embark with the Kickstarter pets. This may mean that even a $15 backer will get access to the kitten and puppy, along with the mammoth and dragon. This mod could be made available to the general public if someone uploaded it to steam workshop, but we are not planning to do that. Some people have asked for some kind of DRM on this mods, but we’re not sure how to do this as there is no DRM on the game; you could always copy this stuff out and put it in a mod anyway.

Consider those also cut from the game, traded in exchange for the rabbits, the northern alliance, and the tier progression. We may have a chance to go back and look at them in 1.1, but we thought the other things would make a larger impact for time spent.


Thanks Percy! :smiley: I do try to be transparent, but I think each persons’ plans and social media are their business and up to them to share. I know for myself, I’ll still be logging onto discourse, so you can always find me here.

We’d rather there just be one version of the game that people remember, though I’m sure some people around here have kept copies of the intermediate moments. I personally am missing Alphas 3-10.

Steampsy just got a lot less reliable, but you can check over there to see how we’re doing on steam; I’d refine it to say that it’s maybe it’s been about 200k+ people? I don’t know how long they’ve all been playing though.

Well, the game is done but workshop is forever. What sort of thing are you thinking of?

Collect some carrots in a stockpile for the maybe-rabbit and then hit the “done with this” button in the quest dialog

Sorry, I need to upload the mod… sometime… in the next three weeks. When I do, you’ll find it there beside the wallpaper.

Aww, thanks :slight_smile:

I think there’s a bunch of them in the game already… but @malley would know more.

So we joke about this all the time, but srsly, change the user settings so you can have 100 players, reduce the town size to 1, and then make a landmark that “eats/voids” land instead of growing it. Place via the geomancer and…

I’m just going to say no, sorry. :frowning: We wish it were otherwise.

THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING sorry @jamiltron fyi. :wink:

I talked a bit about this in the stream last Thursday, but we came up with multiple plans some of which involved implementing everything that we wanted. In the end, though, we picked the plan we’d be most likely to manage in a timeframe that worked for everyone involved. This meant we needed to focus on just the most important things, and we did feel that as of January of this year, we understood what those most important things were–the builder, multiplayer, and ending, and content to make the world feel alive, and performance If we’d done any of the above features instead of doing those, I think the game would have been a worse one than we had now.


I was talking about this community on discourse, the forum. Will it be taken down immediately with support or is there any way to take it over as a community ? This is a goldmine of information that would die, if that makes sense.

Cheers in advance,



I thought about that too!
A bit differently. PVP allowed, of course. Tons of random spawns (chests) with better gear, a new combat role that is able to use all of it and consumables for healing and such.

Instead of the void, I imagined a “titan storm” or sandstorm like effect that comes from all sides. We’d just need proper matchmaking :smiley:


Paging @not_owen_wilson for future reference, though right now, Chris is out of the office and won’t be back until the 23rd. From my basic understanding: the problem is this: houses can be constructed with near 100% accuracy by hearthlings because you start the building, usually in a clear space, from scratch, so you can make a dependency map that makes sense, and work on the house from the inside out. This begins to fall apart if your house is in a cave or on a cliff, but it REALLY falls apart when you allow arbitrary destruction. What if a bomb went off and destroyed the very middle of a 100x100x100 voxel cube that offers no access to the outside world? This is an extreme case, but partial building destruction and remodeling would have to take edge cases like this into account. I’d say that the system as it is might work 90% of the time if you just managed to turn on “build on top of existing structure” much like we have “build on terrain faces” but the last 10% would be super buggy. In the end, a manual, player interference solution might have to be the answer, if you wanted to go there.