Stonehearth goes 1.0!


Radiant said that mod will be available from Kickstarter backer’s page. So, technically speaking, it has no protection (anyone who got it can upload it to torrents), but it’s not exactly “in the open”.
Speaking of question 3, I second that. “Not implemented” job abilities are a long-expected feature.

As for your “rantings”, that’s what we love and remember you for - for speaking up your mind, even if it doesn’t please everyone.


Is there going to be anything available for the community to keep existing and building on the game even though it’s being killed off ?


Approximately 30-45 percent of the 6-lvl abilities have the signature that they are not implemented. Will we see them in the release?


Hello, Please help me, I don’t know how to do the first quest for the rabbit clan


Half the stuff we’re still expecting won’t be coming. Modders won’t get access to source codes and we will be left with a dead game.


Shared as a torrent and passed around on pirate sites is one thing, as that calls someone’s morals (for lack of a better word) into play. But just a single file that next year will be uploaded to Steam when the devs leave feels like one more kick to the side for backers, who most (from my memory) have already felt down about what they backed vs what we’re getting.

A good chunk of what we backed was “Cut From The Game”, and going a step further, the pet’s tiers from Kickstarter cost more than the game by itself does today. I personally backed $30 for the cat, as I’m a cat guy, so when myself and others dished out MORE than the game costs, and someone who either only backed the minimum or bought it tomorrow for $20 gets the same “reward” as I do, to put it lightly, it bothers me.

To keep it short, before they completely leave, I’d like to see some love for the backers that didn’t get what we were promised. Getting the same pets at T3 is fine with me, as that means someone has to play / work to get it, but don’t make it so easy for Little Timmy to just come along, click a button on Steam, and get what I paid extra for.


Get out of here with that negativity


It’s truthful, deal with it.


There are enough individuals that will keep this game going, it’s built on love and will be kept alive on love.


That is far from true though. Unless you want to turn the game into other genre like first person shooter, you already have all you need to mod it.


To all those of you complaining about the pets, I would like to remind you that due to Stonehearth’s openness, it’s virtually impossible to have the pets protected in any meaningful way.

First of all, how do you authenticate a user? SteamID? What about HumbleBundle users? Do you put your user id into a JSON or something? If so, anyone can do it. There’s no centralised authentication to identify a backer.

Second, even if there were, and it wasn’t easy to workaround (say, Steam), does the game just refuse to load the mod with the hash XYZ? I unzip the smod, add a newline somewhere, re-zip it, and call it a day. A new hash, a new mod, and this one isn’t protected.

“But we can protect the content itself” - unless you really want deep-integrated checks that absolutely refuse to load any animation that looks like a dog, and any model that looks like a kitten, then you’re out of luck. And even if you do try that, then what? I’ll add a 0.000001 to the animations, which isn’t visible, but probably breaks the heuristic enough.

So, because Stonehearth allows modding, we have things like Frostfeast, Candledark, Archipelagos, and many, many more. It’s this openness that allows great community contributions; and it’s the opposite of limited DLC.

Keep in mind that right now, the game is living on borrowed time. The developers, independent of how much they are to blame for this fiasco, have limited time at their hands. And they’re still reading some of these posts. If you wish for them to implement puppy DRM instead of trying to tackle on the big, underlying issues (such as performance), then well, that’s your choice. I know where I would want my resources to be invested in.

It’s completely possible to turn Stonehearth into a FPS with mods, I think.


That is true, and we’re already seeing a group of folks willing to take on some of stuff dropped by the KS campaign like the dwarves.

I get where you’re coming from about the negativity, trust me I’m not a fan either, but some folks are gonna be in their feelings. This has been a rough week for people that have been around for a while and now that we have confirmation that it’s coming to an end, they should be allowed to vent. (as long as they’re not being hateful) This is a passionate community, hopes and dreams were dashed this week. While we may have gotten some extra bits and bobs, we can all recognize that this game could have been so very much more.

I appreciate the effort the devs put into finishing what features they could and wish them all the best. I will always cherish the game for what it is, not mourn what it could have been. Others may not feel the same and as long as they’re not being ugly about it we should respect that.


nice! I’ve played 121 hours so far. Can’t wait to play the current beta and 1.0 when it is released. :merry:


It’s crazy to think that the game was suppose to come out in 2014.


Thanks Radiant for the extra 3-4 years extra yall put into making this game come true.


From the Leaving the nest DT.
“KS supporters at the $15 level and above will receive additional access to all four pets via a mod that will appear on their Humble Bundle backer page”

I went to my Humble bundle Backer page to look for the additional access but i can only download the wallpaper… With the pets and mammoth its says (coming soon)… ?

I m little confused when and where we can get the extra pets as 45 dollar backpacker.

Btw i ll miss those DT… they where my favorite moments when i woke up!


@Opperwezen well the last release will be at the end of this month i think… so there is time for that
the game is about to leave the nest, it didn’t yet


propably part of 1.0 release then? Well make sences… thought i could it download it already… haha


One thing I will definitely miss are your art focused dev streams on twitch. I don’t know much about coding or anything in-depth like that, but i am always enthralled when there’s an art stream. The pen-and-paper-like concept sketches and qubicle work is always fun. I wish you could release the unused entities somehow. Maybe an industrious modder could animate/insert the unused designs for creatures, items, characters and outfits into a mod of some kind.

I have never followed a game like yours in development. I do not know if there’s another company that does it quite like yours. Constant development streams showing the inner workings of what’s going on, your thoughts on where you are heading and even the mistakes that make you shake your head. It will be sad to see it end but it could not last forever.


would you guys consider making all unfinished models, concept art etc public? Some of it could be used by modders to lower the work load of large add on mods. It also be nice just to see more of the original lore etc.


This would be amazing ! Though I understand if some is not meant to be released.